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Everything you need to know about treadmills

Learn the ins and the outs of treadmills, why you should use one, and how to choose yours.

Why should I be running on a treadmill?

  • For fitness: practice guided workouts consistently to optimize weight loss and metabolic conditioning, regardless of the season

  • For sports: measure your running parameters better, test your skills, practice specific drills that could be tricky to perform outdoors

  • For rehabilitation: recover from injury in a controlled environment, with running surfaces that can provide the right damping

The benefits of running are well known, and whether if you choose to do it for a better physical shape, to slim down and lose weight, or to go for the competition, running may sound as simple as wearing a pair of trainers and going for the distance. Truth is, for many the first encounter with the pleasure of running happened at the gym, on a treadmill. The cushioned surface of a high-quality treadmill provides an optimal start for newcomers to the joy of running. Running indoors is also a much more comfortable option when the weather is unkind, which makes it especially popular during the cold season. But is the treadmill only for beginners? We at Technogym know how important it is for athletes to control intensity, practicing different gradients and speeds, and perform well programmed routines and drills to improve their results. In fact, our treadmills are the receptacle of more than 35 years of scientific studies conducted with Olympic athletes as well as relevant findings in ergonomics. The same findings have proven useful also for people returning to running after injury, as the road may prove too tough a start for a damaged ankle or knee. To sum up, the treadmill is suitable for the largest spectrum of needs, ranging from fitness to rehabilitation to increasing athletic performance, and is the ideal centrepiece of any home gym.

What are the benefits of running on a treadmill?

  1. Fewer variables than outdoor running: a treadmill lets you work out at any time, regardless of the weather, no passing cars or overcrowded streets disrupting your workout. The cushioned surface is always regular, unlike the road or ground, and you may control gradients as needed.

  2. Expert coaching on screen: all Technogym treadmills offer tailored programs and live running feedback, giving you the right suggestions to reach your objectives faster and safer.

  3. More control over your run: feedback on screen such as cadence, stride and displacement can help you run better, more efficiently and safely.

  4. Diversified training: with virtually infinite variations of speed and incline, training becomes more fun and effective.

  5. Being part of a community: with third party app integrations, treadmills such as Technogym MyRun can connect you to a global community of athletes like you on Rouvy, Zwift and Strava, making your training even more meaningful and nudging you with a pinch of helpful competition.

Which are the most popular types of treadmills and why?

Treadmills come into infinite shapes and with very different sets of features, to suit very different needs and contexts. While home treadmills tend to be quieter and smaller in footprint, commercial treadmills are built for more sturdiness in the long run, since they will accommodate more users throughout the day. The most common treadmill running surface is made of a single belt, whilst belts made of a set of interjoined, shock-absorbing slats have been lately growing in popularity, such as is the case with the Skillrun. Folding treadmills allow the running surface to fold vertically when the treadmill is not being used, although the benefits of space saving are often outweighed by a lack of stability and the impact on the looks of your home spaces. Curved treadmills, such as the Skillmill, are characterized by a motorless design, which means you can control the speed simply by running faster. Moreover, home treadmills face an important challenge, which is blending in the thoughtfully designed environments of your house: that’s why high-end treadmills such as the Run Personal boast the most refined design and luxury materials and finishes.

Is the treadmill good for weight loss and fat burn?

Yes: treadmills are great allies when it comes to weight loss, for many reasons. First, with a home treadmill there’s no excuse for skipping your daily cardio workout, rain or snow. Moreover, Technogym high-end home treadmills are good at burning fat also because they offer more training options than ever, boosting your motivation and results with trainer-led Sessions and beautiful outdoor scenery. Also, scientific studies found that lipolysis (i.e.: burning fat) happens at a steadier rate when your workout pushes your heart rate within a specific interval. That’s why our home treadmills offer the CPR system, which regulates the intensity of your workout specifically to target that interval and optimize weight loss.

How long should I work out on the treadmill to lose weight?

First, weight loss is obtained through a negative balance of calorie intake vs expenditure, which means that achieving results requires a smart nutrition plan. Back to our question, what would be a good treadmill workout length for burning enough calories? That largely depends on the type of training you choose. Running burns more calories in general than walking, which means you could obtain the same calorie expenditure in less time. Typically, running workouts for weight loss stretch from 25 to 45 minutes. On the other side, walking can burn fat more effectively, but will take more time, up to 1 hour. And then there are the HIIT workouts, which alternate short bouts of running at high intensity with active recovery intervals and keep on burning oxygen even after the workout is over. In such way your sessions will become shorter, down to even 20/25 minutes, but keep in mind that this experience will draw on your energies fully and is not for the faint of heart.

Which treadmill is best for me?

A home treadmill should be able to fulfil your training needs specifically: therefore, price isn’t a good meter to judge, but rather value. Answer these questions: will this treadmill provide the entertainment and engagement to avoid it being turned into an expensive coat hanger? Will it offer my joints the kind of damping they need to avoid injury and keep on working out longer? Will it help me achieve the results I expect, and surpass them through precision coaching? Only then you should ask: what is a good price for a home treadmill that does all of that, and looks perfect in my living room?

Which features should I be looking for in a treadmill?

To point out a few, these are the main aspects you should focus on:

  • Max speed

  • Incline range

  • Dimensions

  • Sound emissions

  • Display

Typically, the first question that comes to mind when considering the purchase of a treadmill for your home is the footprint it takes. If space is an issue in your home, you should probably direct your attention to more compact treadmills such as the Technogym MyRun. You may have not considered this, but your indoor running can be quite taxing for your neighbours in terms of noise: if that’s your concern, then look for a home treadmill that guarantees smooth functioning and lower sound emissions and place it over the Floor Mat to reduce vibrations further. Are you looking for higher performance? Max speed and incline will tell you to which extent you can stretch your skills. A good motor can speed the treadmill belt up to 12 mph, but if you are practicing running at pro levels you may want to exceed those numbers and point to treadmills with speed up to 18 mph or higher. Steep inclines up to 10-12% can be useful to make your walks more intense and fire up your glutes, femoral biceps, and calves. Some treadmills can sync seamlessly with your own tablet to access trainer-led Sessions and programs, but a treadmill with an integrated display and a large screen could result more comfortable in the long run.

What accessories are a good match for my treadmill workout?

Running and walking are not everything. The Jump Rope provides an effective warmup, revving up your heart rate and letting you practice agility drills. Why not adding some Hexagon Dumbbells to the mix? A strength session at the end of the workout helps you tone your body, while their shape prevents them from rolling on the floor. The Floor Mat was designed to provide further damping to your treadmill and reduce vibrations and is therefore a must-have. Looking for a larger array of strength and functional exercises? The Technogym Bench is the perfect kit for you, including a set of 10 Hexagon Dumbbells, 3 Elastic Bands, 3 Knuckles and an Exercise Mat in a stylish and practical bench that can be stored anywhere.

Is the treadmill a good starting point for my home gym?

The treadmill is a staple in almost any home gym, but as always, when planning complex home spaces, you should consider the many different elements that determine its success and their relationships. While choosing the right equipment is of paramount importance, footprint, placement, lighting, air flows, colours, and acoustics are all impactful factors that can make or break your project. Get more inspiration from our Home Gym pages and remember our team of Interior Design experts is available for more insight and a personalised project.

Do I need to subscribe to an app to use a treadmill?

There is no need to subscribe to any app or service to use Technogym treadmills: they all come with a full set of workouts out of the box, either available via the treadmill’s display or your own tablet, depending on the model you choose. Practice challenging Routines with targeted objectives such as weight loss, toning your glutes, and many more. Explore the Outdoors, with countless natural and urban landscapes to immerse into. But to experience the best of your Technogym treadmill, try the hundreds of exciting Sessions included in the Technogym Plus subscription. Choose your favourite talent trainer, your objective and the session duration: the trainer will take you through breath-taking workouts that will bring superior results, faster. There is always a free trial period included with your treadmill, so you can see if it’s fit for you before committing to a subscription.

What is the best home treadmill for a small space?

The Technogym MyRun treadmill is ideal to exercise at home. Thanks to its minimal and elegant design, it is easy to match it with every surrounding context. Although installation by our qualified staff is included with the price, we designed MyRun for the quickest possible assembly: this way, moving it from one room, or house, to another is an effortless task that takes only a few minutes. It is the perfect choice for home training, not only for its sophisticated design and its ease of use but also because it is incredibly silent. Indeed, its running surface is very quiet even at 20 km/h, which makes it a perfect choice for your home. Its size and adaptability, however, do not affect its performance. It can reach a 12% incline and its adaptive running surface absorbs impacts more effectively at lower speeds and gives you more elastic response at higher speeds. Looking for more inspiration for a small home gym? Find it in our Lifestyle Gym concepts.

What is the best treadmill for a luxury home gym?

The Run Personal treadmill perfectly combines advanced technology, elegant design, and training performance. This treadmill is more a training tool: its unique design, crafted by Antonio Citterio and Toan Nguyen, makes it a centrepiece for your in-house training. Its full HD touch screen provides many entertainment options and takes you in the middle of the action with the hundreds of trainer-led workouts included with Technogym Plus. It has a wide running surface that allows users to exercise safely and with comfort and to perform every type of workout. Looking for more inspiration for a luxury home gym? Find it in our Designer Studio Gym concepts.

How can I purchase my treadmill, and can I pay for it monthly?

Three are the available payment methods: credit card, bank transfer, and monthly instalments with Klarna. The Technogym customer service is ready to answer all your questions, illustrating all the necessary steps to pay in instalment: contact us here for further information.

What kind of warranty will I get on my treadmill?

Technogym creates its products with the utmost care and offers a two-year warranty, which can be extended up to four years with the Technogym Care service. Our team of experts will always be ready to help you and troubleshoot any issue both remotely and at home.

Are transport and installation included in the price?

Yes, our local team of Technogym technicians will take care of installation, assembly and testing of your treadmill, all included in the price. The complete service includes the on-site installation of the equipment, testing of its functionality, and final cleaning of the installation area, for a caring and timely customer service.