The personalised workout at home


Online workouts with the best trainers


Easy on the joints, ready for your sprints


Track cadence, step length and heart rate

Technogym MyRun


Refined and compact design, adaptive running surface, and tailored training sessions right from your tablet.

Personalised training from your tablet

Place your tablet on the console and start training. The Technogym Live app is available for iPad and Android tablets.


An online trainer by your side

Boost your workouts with pure energy from the best trainers. Let them show you proper exercise form and motivate you to achieve maximum results. More than 600 Sessions available today*, new ones coming up every week.


Choose your goal and follow along

Follow the video exercises while MyRun automatically adjusts speed and incline for a bespoke training session.


Train anywhere in the world

Let your mind and legs roam free in this collection of natural and urban landscapes from around the globe.


Follow the beat

Cover that extra mile with the energy of music. Choose your mood and go with the flow.


Improve your run

With real-time Biofeedback, you can compare your cadence and step length with reference values, improving your running style and efficiency.


Your heartbeat sets the intensity

While you train, the CPR system (Constant Pulse Rate) monitors your heart rate and automatically adjusts speed and incline for a safe and efficient workout.

The most connected treadmill ever


Zwift blends the fun of video games with the intensity of serious training, so you can level up your performance together with the community.


Reproduce your favourite tracks

MyRun is the first treadmill ever capable of faithfully reproducing pace and incline of your outdoor activities***. Follow your track on the map and beat your own records.


Make the most of your session

Add strength exercises to your cardio routine for a total body blast: your trainer guides you step by step from your tablet.

Connect your Apple Watch

Pair your Apple Watch contactless with your tablet to connect instantly and start communicating with the Technogym Live app. Monitor your heart rate in real time from the display on the equipment: your results get tracked automatically on Apple Health as soon as the workout is finished.

Running and walking for everyone in the family

Compact size, wide running surface

MyRun’s footprint suits any home environment. Its running surface gives you more room for your workouts. High performance, low sounds: MyRun is quiet even at 20 km/h (12.4 mph) thanks to the innovative drive system and the belt’s fluidity.


The perfect mix of damping and rebound

The innovative running surface adapts to the way you run and absorbs impact efficiently, shielding your joints at lower speeds and offering more elastic response during sprints.


All the effort you want

With a variable incline from 0 to 12%, you’ll always get the intensity you need to reach your goals.


Ready to start with a single touch

Wake-up sensor and low energy consuption: MyRun recognises when you step onto the treadmill and switches on automatically. It is the only treadmill in its category with low environmental impact due to its extremely reduced power consumption in standby mode****.


Which tablets are compatible with Technogym Live?

The Technogym Live app is available for Apple iPad and Android tablets. We suggest searching for the app in the store with using the device to check compatibility beforehand.

* Technogym Sessions available with Technogym Plus subscription. All other features of Technogym Live app are always available to all users. ** Please note that workouts based on RPE (Rating of Perceived Exertion), % FTP (Functional Threshold Power) and mixed distance/time are not compatible with Technogym MyRun yet. *** Compatible apps: Garmin, Strava, Runkeeper, MapMyFitness ****Less than 0.5 W

Technogym Plus

Cycling, yoga, boxing, HIIT, strength and more video training Sessions, with the best trainers showing you proper exercise form and motivating you to achieve maximum results. Get 1 additional month free when you buy Technogym MyRun.

It’s no secret that a treadmill is among the best cardio workout machines. Having a treadmill for home gym is one of the simplest ways to always stay fit.One of the most fulfilling perks of getting a treadmill for the home is getting rid of the commute. Technogym is continuously innovating its treadmills for the home. So, if you plan to advance your workouts while still having fun, look no further than Technogym for the best home treadmills.

MyRun: The ideal treadmill for the home gym

There are specific things to look out for when selecting the best treadmill for the home. These include:

  • Speed

  • Belt durability and length

  • Incline setting

Technogym MyRun can go up to 20km/hr, exceeding the conventional treadmills that often go up to 16km/hr. The belt length of 1430mm is enough to support your running stride and a weight of up to 140kg. This treadmill belt is also exceptionally silent even when you are running at the equipment’s maximum speed. won’t find a treadmill with incline that’s better than the MyRun treadmill. The 12% incline setting, and motor power of 2.5 HP allow you to increase your running difficulty setting without requiring more speed. In addition, its adaptive running surface provides a safe workout experience. small, motorised treadmills effectively absorb shock when walking and offers the desired elastic return when running. The MyRun treadmill only takes a few minutes to set up and being used. This simple assembling allows you to transport it easily if you happen to be moving homes.

Compact size but has a large running surface

Are you searching for small treadmills for the home? Technogym’s MyRun is a stylish and compact treadmill that can fit into different interiors. The MyRun treadmill lists among the most ideal small treadmills - it’s also professional-grade. And as one of the best compact treadmills, it offers an outstanding running experience.

MyRun is the treadmill with virtual routes

Who said you couldn’t multitask or have fun when doing cardio on a treadmill? The MyRun treadmill allows your tablet to stream videos on popular services like Netflix and YouTube.

Technology MyRun is the treadmill that synchronises with the app

Technogym MyRun is a treadmill with app synchronisation. Technogym MyRun has a well-positioned shelf for you to put your tablet and sync it to the treadmill. For an immersive running experience, we recommend installing Technogym live app. This app lets you view the cadence, heart rate, and step length that helps you improve your running technique. You'll first need to answer a few questions for the treadmill with virtual trainer app to tailor a specific workout program that adapts to you, thereby helping you attain your training goals faster. Here, you get to choose your workout journey from these options:

  • Fitness - The options for this journey include weight loss, toning up, building muscle, and getting in shape.

  • Sport - This treadmill with programs menu helps you improve your performance in various sport, including skiing, tennis, running, and golf.

  • Health and lifestyle - This journey allows you to take advantage of the workout programs suitable for people with conditions like hypertension, back pain, diabetes, and weight issues.

Additionally, the app lets you customise your cardio workout based on time and distance preference as well as calories. Let’s not forget Technogym’s unique playlists with different song genres to suit every mood. Also, no need to worry about your tablet battery dying mid-workout. The MyRun dashboard has a USB port that accepts both Android and Apple tablets.

MyRun treadmill offers total body workouts

Technogym MyRun allows for an additional workout routine. It would be best to add other equipment such as kettlebells, elastic bands, and dumbbells. Alternatively, you could take advantage of the entire Technogym kit found in the Technogym bench . This all-in-one kit allows you to perform more than 200 strength exercises that complete your cardio workouts on the MyRun treadmill.Other features that make Technogym MyRun your go-to treadmill for the home include:

  • Easy-to-use settings.Technogym MyRun buttons have a fast response allowing you to make sudden changes mid-run, such as speed or change incline settings.

  • Durability. The MyRun treadmill is stable, meaning it does not wobble even when you set it to maximum speed.

  • Data tracking. With the Technogym Live app, you can see your workout history. All you need is to go to the “Activity environment” menu on the settings icon. You will then see both indoor and outdoor exercises stored using the Strava and Garmin systems.

  • Endless smart features. Technogym MyRun offers various innovative options, including pre-programmed cardio workouts, Bluetooth earphone connections, synchronization with third-party apps, and streaming capabilities.


If you’re thinking of starting your fitness journey or building a workout routine that will match your lifestyle, then the Technogym MyRun treadmill is just what you need. If you’ve been looking for gym-quality training equipment with easy-to-use settings that is also versatile, then this treadmill is the solution you need to complete your home gym.