Improve rowing skills, cardiovascular fitness and total body power with the most advanced indoor rower ever.



Developed with athletes, Skillrow™ improves both your cardio and power with diverse total body workouts available on the app, and with the most realistic rowing feel.

Cardio and power in one stroke

The Multidrive Technology™ enables you to select the rowing mode for a cardiovascular workout or the power mode with added resistance to perform power-specific exercises and simulate rowing with additional load.

Experience the unique feel of rowing on water

Follow the natural curve of the stroke in the water with Aquafeel™. The resistance gradually increases in a fluid and safe movement to avoid a backlash effect on the lower back.

More features to love

Rowing gets connected

Connect your mobile and dive straight into the action. Pick a challenge, train with the best and get real-time feedback on your performance metrics. Everything you need to train like a champion is in your Skillrow® app. 


Set a pace boat target or compete against your friend’s personal best in a different challenge every week.

Ready-made programmes

Choose from goal-oriented (time, distance, calories and repetitions), interval training and TNT™ programmes developed by exercise professionals.

Results summary

Monitor performance and progress through a detailed post-training summary of results.

Skillrow is the innovative indoor rowing solution that allows both individual and group training. It is the only product capable of improving anaerobic power, aerobic capacity, and neuromuscular functions simultaneously.

The Skillrow project is the result of collaboration with rowing champions, prestigious coaches and university research institutes. The result is a fully connected rower that allows you to perform cardio and power workouts offering a new and engaging experience. Totally personalized and down to the real goals of users.

An indoor rowing machine that feels like rowing on water

Skillrow is the first indoor rowing machine to recreate a perfect simulation of rowing in the water thanks to Aquafeel technology. The resistance that is created is gradual which ensures greater fluidity along the entire arc of movement and without kickback on the lower back. The row resembles much more to the one in water than with conventional ergometers.

The excitement of rowing in water continues with the Skillrow Class. Users can challenge themselves individually or subdivided into groups simulating races between crews. In this way the participants have the opportunity to race together in perfect sync as a real crew, following the set rhythm while monitoring body data.

While members continue to pursue their individual goals, the Skillrow Class makes them united in the competition, giving continuous stimulation to each team. By following the movements on the big screen with a highly immersive and engaging 3D setting, the sense of challenge on the Skillrow becomes a truly unique experience. Furthemore, Skillrow is a key component of Skillathletic training, the training method designed by Technogym to improve power, speed, endurance, and agility to help people train like professional athletes.

Multidrive Technology

With the revolutionary Multidrive Technogym technology, it is possible to modulate training from cardiovascular to power by simply changing resistance: the magnetic brake. Introduced in support of primary resistance, it allows users to integrate the complete training work of rowing with strengthening exercises for specific muscle areas.

With Skillrow's Multidrive Technology, you decide what you want to train power or aerobic ability. Just adjust the resistance level.

Connected rowing

The Skillrow App gives you access to a more motivating digital experience with a virtual helmsman at your fingertips. The app includes a wide selection of programs based on TNT-Technogym Neuromuscular Training. It offers the chance to monitor and track results, and get real-time feedback on training metrics to improve performance and challenge friends in real races.

Technical Features

Skillrow, 2435 mm deep, 629 mm wide, and 1280 mm high, is a comfortable rower for the home. It is dismantled in two parts quickly so that it can be stored or moved with ease. All of its settings are easily accessible from sitting while in use. Finally, the product is very compact and solid, to support intense and safe training.