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Disclose a new vision of yourself. Imagine the gleaming reflections embracing your movement in elegance. A frictionless, easy, and personalised training experience. The superb lines designed by Antonio Citterio defy conventions, turning your walls into the very theatre of Wellness.

Work out in style

Run Personal is the perfect synthesis of cutting-edge technology, innovative equipment and flawless design.

Training made classy

A special space deserves special attention. Designers Antonio Citterio and Toan Nguyen gave birth to an authentic collector’s item. Professional-grade equipment and a smart training experience fit into a sleek silhouette to match the most stylish surroundings.

When form follows function

Elegance and functionality in perfect balance. Run Personal combines cutting-edge running technology with the most beautiful lines


Enhanced training performance

The silent motor is ideal for any type of training, from easy-paced walking to high intensity marathon training (peak power: 4 HP). And the inclination goes from 0 up to 15% to simulate hill training.


Elegance meets technology

The 21.5” wide touch-screen display and integrated loudspeakers let you watch, listen and interact while training, without any distractions.


Smooth running

The large running surface is provided with shock absorbers for maximum comfort.


Reliable and safe

Suitable for beginners and sport professionals alike features grip handles, non-slip edges and an emergency STOP button.


Comfortably stylish

The handle material is comfortable and soft to the grip.

Training comes alive

The Technogym Live interface brings you connectivity and AI, a vast library of one-on-one Sessions and guided Routines to make it more exciting and personal than ever.


Choose your Technogym Session, based on your personal goals, and the virtual trainer will guide you through a one-on-one session, offering encouragement and suggesting the level of intensity, which you are free to follow or change. There are six Sessions to each goal-based training series.

Connect your Apple Watch

Pair your Apple Watch contactless with the console to connect instantly and start communicating with Technogym Live. Monitor your heart rate in real time from the display on the equipment: your results get tracked automatically on Apple Health as soon as the workout is finished.

Technogym Plus

Cycling, yoga, boxing, HIIT, strength and more video training Sessions, with the best trainers showing you proper exercise form and motivating you to achieve maximum results. Free forever when you buy Run Personal.

Run Personal: the high-end Treadmill for home

Home exercise just got better. With the Run Personal treadmill in your home, your favourite spot will be your home gym. A mix of entertainment and exercise makes this masterpiece one of a kind. Here are the most outstanding reasons why Run Personal is the best treadmill for the home.

Why Run Personal is the best treadmill for the home

Take maximum advantage of Technogym’s Live platform to stream your favourite fitness training classes on demand. For a fitness enthusiast, this solution is designed to fulfil your smart bike riding, rowing, or treadmill exercise needs by recreating the feeling of road cycling, true data tracking, alongside smooth and safe movement.

This high-end treadmill comes with its own virtual trainer. Training is provided through the Technogym sessions based on your personal goal.

Training programs are highly personalised. The exercise solution allows you to store personal training data permanently in the cloud using my wellness account. All information is synchronised once you sign in allowing you to access it from any device.

Add multiple types of exercises for you to select from depending on your needs. Let’s say your need is to lose weight. Here, you can select the goal-driven exercise. Else, if you want to improve your cardio-respiratory system, you can select the heart-rate-driven exercise.

Professional athletes can select the advanced exercise and beginners can opt for the test exercise.

Run Personal is a high-end treadmill with programs that boost its functionality from exercise to entertainment. It makes home exercise more fun by making the most out of an outdoor-like setting through its training simulator.

This simulator lets you explore the world with at least 8 virtual locations to train on. Best bit, if you stop before you complete a race, you can pick up later from where you stopped.

1) Run Personal is a designer treadmill

Re-imagine your fitness routine thanks to this designer treadmill’s frictionless, easy, plus personalised training experience. An elegant design, quality materials, and superb finish makes this fitness tool designed by Antonio Citerro unique for its kind—turning your walls into a fitting theatre of wellness This treadmill is made of polished aluminium with an integrated HD-ready screen made of tempered glass. Owing to the material at the handles, users get a comfortable and soft grip for the hands. By availing two water bottle holders, the treadmill provides for easy access to water for your hydration needs. This creates convenience if you don’t want to pause your training to get water.

2) Run Personal is a silent treadmill, also ideal for the apartment

silent treadmill is the most ideal treadmill for home. This is what you find in the Run Personal treadmill. It runs on a motor with a maximum power of 4HP. And with this power, the treadmill can run at a speed of 0.4 km/h to 18km/h.

This makes it the best treadmill for all levels of training intensity, from walking to running fast. Overall, the motor remains silent in all levels of intensity.

3) 360 ° entertainment

The Run Personal treadmill comes with a 21.5-inch HD monitor that is super clear. The monitor runs on android and functions akin to a tablet. Whatever your choice for entertainment is, this treadmill takes care of it. From browsing to gaming, music to movies and more, this fitness tool has it all.

Get to listen to music from the inbuilt radio. If you don’t fancy headphones, you’ll be glad to get this treadmill with speakers.

Having a treadmill with Netflix allows you to watch movies and your favourite TV series as you exercise. You can also enjoy entertainment from digital and smart TV, YouTube, video games, social media, and many other entertainment websites.

Let’s talk about the monitor. Its screen comes with a USB port, Wi-Fi connectivity, and a built-in webcam for skyping.

4) Platform inclination up to 15 °

If you are an athlete training for a major event or for any other race, a treadmill with incline is the best choice for you. Run Personal is the first treadmill to have an inclination that’s perfect for hill training. This attribute gives you a realistic feeling of an actual marathon by adjusting the inclination level to match your virtual path on the screen.

Most memorable part, the inclination can be adjusted to a maximum of 15o using the joystick without having to step out of the running surface.

5) Comfort and safety: every detail count

Run Personal is designed as the best safety treadmill. The running surface is large enough to accommodate long strides. This training solution is made of non-slippery material that maintains a firm grip of your shoe at the highest inclination. Likewise, the shock absorbers on the running surface enhance your comfort and protect your joints from the impact of running.

Get the feel of the stop button which helps to stop the treadmill from running in case you encounter an emergency. Now, add the central support bar and the handles designed to provide you with a place to hold and prevent you from falling.

That’s not all, the treadmill has a runner detection system that helps to prevent accidents—it stops the treadmill from running if there is no one using it. Users also have access to a heart rate monitor plus a hand sensor, these tools help keep your heart rate at safe limits as you exercise.


Summing up

A home gym is not complete if it doesn’t have a treadmill. The Run Personal high-end treadmill gives you multiple training possibilities for your fitness goals. With its professional grade, it’s the best solution you can get as far as treadmills are concerned.