Not your ordinary treadmill. Improve Power, Speed, Endurance and Agility and get more results from your training thanks to the variable resistance integrated.

The HIIT treadmill

More speed than ever. Increased metabolic rate. Maximum activation of glutes and hamstrings. All thanks to Multidrive Technology™ with magnetic resistance in 11 levels combined with the dual handlebar design.

Multi-skill training

Skillmill® enables you to perform fundamental movements and exercises to reinforce all the skills that determine your physical fitness level and athletic performance: Power, Speed, Stamina and Agility.

Data always at hand

The on-board console shows all the data you need to monitor your performance, regardless of body position. It displays wattage, resistance level, speed, and distance and can also show heart rate through Bluetooth-connected devices.

Workout tracking

Log in via Bluetooth®, QR code or NFC to track your performance, save workout data and monitor progress over time. Only available on Skillmill Connect.

Ready-made and customized workouts

Scan the QR code to access virtual training programs. Log into your mywellness account to access both ready-made and personalized workouts developed by your trainer.

Skillmill versions



Increase your speed, metabolic rate and glute and hamstring muscle activation, by alternating between resistance-free running and sled pushing against resistance.