Technogym Education

Technogym Education is the international school for personal trainers and wellness technical staff. Through a combination of onsite and online courses and certification in 18 languages (English, French, Spanish and German among the others), the Technogym Education team provides comprehensive, certified education for tens of thousands of fitness instructors each year.

What Technogym Education does

Technogym equipment is intuitive to use, but without guidance, many fitness enthusiasts never progress to explore the full potential of it. Personal trainers play an instrumental role in assisting people to maximise the benefits of exercise with our equipment and achieve the results they desire. Technogym Education assists personal trainers and fitness instructor to create the very best user experience with Technogym equipment.

How Technogym Education works

As a team and as individuals, we value our role as Technogym Wellness Ambassadors, delivering outstanding structured education, programming, mentoring and support. Providing a first-class service means getting everything just right, and still managing to surprise the gym goer with an experience that goes beyond their high expectations. End users have come to expect the best from Technogym equipment, the Technogym Education aims to go beyond this by enhancing the exercise experience.

Training methods

We have developed a training methodology to deliver first class exercise experiences by using products from each of the five product pillars.


The certification process will help personal trainers and exercise professionals to develop both the theoretical and practical knowledge across Technogym’s product range and methodologies.

Courses: choose your pathway

The Trainer Education Pathway aims to deliver practical and theoretical knowledge of our methodology and products to personal trainers and operators.

On line courses

These modules of e-learning are conceived to provide an introduction to the market positioning, features, benefits and safe use of each Technogym equipment. A range of visual and auditory presentations are offered, with assessments built into the platform to ensure competence is achieve before progression or certification.

Foundation courses

The foundation education offering encompasses all of the on-line and on-site product training for personal trainers. The focus of the on-line seminars and webinars is to ensure safe and effective use of each piece of equipment and to explore the many exercise possibilities that are available. The on-site foundation workshops build on this knowledge of the product by bridging the link to application with end users, developing ways to use the products to interact with and enhance the end user's exercise experience.

Format training courses

Format training is the Technogym term for pre-designed group exercise classes. These are a licenced, turn-key, equipment, digital and programming solution that customers can purchase with regular updates to the programming developed by Technogym experts. The Technogym development team create the on-going programming for the format solutions. The purpose of the training is to ensure a consistent, high-quality standard of delivery for the format training experience.

Recurring programmes

Our development team consists of experts in a wide range of fitness and sporting fields, from all over the world. This team contributes to the ongoing development of recurring programme content available through equipment and digital solutions, as well as the format training classes.


Experience a full range of accredited online clinics designed by industry experts to inform and educate fitness professionals on the latest trends, training approaches and business success.