Skillrow Class

Join the crew and row towards your goal in an immersive group setting. As soon as you get into the swing of things, every stroke matters.

The Skillrow Class can take two equally challenging yet different paths. In the Race Class, participants challenge each other either as individuals or as boat crews, rowing in synchronicity.

The Performance Class combines science-based programs with real-time monitoring to enhance your performance capacities.


Indoor rowing class

DURATION 30 minutes


Rowing lovers and total-body cardio enthusiasts

What makes it unique

In the Race Class, group spirit matters just as much as individual performance.

In the Performance Class, participants' metrics and compliance are displayed on the screen.

An authentic rowing experience, Skillrow faithfully reproduces the viscous resistance of water, for safe and effective training.

Leverage a library of class profiles specifically developed by Technogym to enhance athletic capacities.

The Journey


No other rowing equipment recreates the same unique feel of water rowing as Skillrow.


The resistance delivered by Skillrow is designed to follow the natural curve of a stroke in water.

Multidrive Technology

Combine air and magnetic resistance to switch from cardio to power training.

Enhance your power: Set resistance at low, medium, or high to perform the rowing movement with additional load or to execute power-specific exercises.

Improve your rowing: Set the level from 1 to 10 or select the specific drag factor for cardiovascular training displayed on the console.

What's included

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