Skillrun Class

When performance running and group training meet on the ultimate treadmill, there is no finish line. It’s a new beginning every time.

Let’s redefine the boundaries of where your legs can take you, together. Skillrun Class makes the indoor running experience exciting again and opens the arena to everyone who wants to learn how far they can go.

The treadmill sets the right pace and changes gradients automatically, allowing participants to focus on only on their effort. Every step of the journey is seamlessly integrated, from remote class booking to workout tracking. Zero hassle, all performance.




30 to 45 minutes 


Hardcore runners

Watch it happen

What makes it unique

Workouts are always different and interesting, thanks to a library overflowing with class profiles to choose from or customize fully.

The treadmill automatically changes gradient and offers on-screen guidance that follows the running profile.

Each class is designed to be purposeful and effective, thanks to thoughtfully devised changes in gradient and speed.

Participants can listen to the class playlist and the trainer’s voice through your wireless earphones.

The Journey

The Method

Each class is focused on either power, stamina or speed, aimed at developing running performance. It gets you there with targeted combinations of inclination, speed, and duration.


Designed to make interaction fast and simple, Skillrun offers the ultimate running performance. With precise feedback in real time and constant guidance during the whole class, it's the only equipment in the world offering a completely guided experience directly from the screen.

Guided workouts

The running profile suggests changes quickly and directly on the screen, and automatically adjusts the treadmill incline throughout the workout.

Instant adjustments

The Swiftpad feature of Skillrun's interface makes it very fast and easy to change speeds to get the most out of your workout.

Wireless audio

The optional audio system enables participants to listen to music and follow the trainer's guidance their from earphones so that others in the club don’t have to.

What's included

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