Switch the movement on


Wouldn’t it be good if we had a little more freedom at the gym? For example, not having to bother our trainer to ask for explanation every time we face a new exercise. Or maybe browse the next available classes and book them without the need to rely on paper. Or, why not, take body measurements and archive them in a safe place. Quite a lot of tasks, which the UNITY SELF fulfils brilliantly.


Discover new workouts

Take the Aspiration Map test and let UNITY SELF suggest a programme that fits your needs. Never get intimidated by weird names, exercises are fully explained on the kiosk with descriptions, images and video.

Measure it up

Quantifying and recording your body measurements was never this easy. The smart kiosk can read your biometrics through third-party body analysers* and keep track of the changes in your mywellness account.

* For more information on compatible equipment, please contact our team

Class planner

Take advantage of the ultimate class manager: view the timetable, make your booking in a few taps and receive reminders before the start. You can also join in on the go.

The beat goes on

Connect your heart rate device and equipment to the big screen, so you know in real time when you need to scale your workload during your classes.

A digital fitness diary

Taking note of your training is crucial to success: results obtained in the past build motivation for future wins. Keep record of your moves with your new digital fitness diary.

Supercharge your workouts


Enjoy endless fun with the UNITY SELF powered classes and trainings: immersive cycling trips, rowing challenges, functional bootcamps, fully guided circuit training – you’ll be left spoilt for choice.

SKILLMILL virtual training allows unsupervised individual or group workouts.
Join the SKILLROW CLASS and row in sync like a real crew.
Display your heart rate live with the TEAMBEATS classes.
Login to UNITY SELF for a fully guided BIOCIRCUIT workout.
Project your power on screen with the GROUP CYCLE CLASS.


UNITY SELF completes the Technogym Ecosystem: it’s a key component to the effectiveness of many classes, it’s fundamental for the creation of a health assessment corner, and allows a smooth training experience even in low-supervised areas such as hotel gyms. Interested in knowing more?


Complete your Wellness experience


Unity is not just for cardio: its capabilities also extends to strength equipment with UNITY MINI and boosts your training possibilities with the UNITY SELF kiosk. Your digital wellness experience has just started.



Maximize your cardio experience with endless options in terms of training, challenges, connectivity and entertainment



The strength returns to being intelligent: UNITY MINI guides you to the exercises, keeps track of your data and allows you to train on the strength equipment