Pure Line
Built to the highest standards of biomechanics, ergonomics, durability and safety, Pure is the ideal choice of equipment for maximising athletic performance.

Rooted in high performance sports

Pure is a complete plate-loaded range for your elite training area. Developed by working with athletes across 8 editions of the Olympic Games and over 30 years of scientific research on human movement, this equipment offers the best strength training experience for maximising sports performance.

The pure feeling of strength

Pure offers the feeling of plate-loaded workouts with the safety of defined paths of motion. It’s ideal for those who want to train intensively like athletes for maximum muscle performance.

Maximum muscle activation

Maximise muscle recruitment thanks to Pure’s unique biomechanical design, which ensures optimal movement trajectory and workload distribution.

Products designed to last

We perform over 188 tests in our labs on Pure equipment for a total of 54,262,581 cycles. To ensure maximum durability and reliability, we put our products under stress that goes well beyond normal usage.

Total safety and comfort

The equipment’s Visual Flags make it easy to get into the correct body position, while padding, ergonomic handgrips and wide anti-slip footplates improve stability and comfort during exercise.

Workout guidance and tracking

NFC and QR code technologies help you create integrated workout programmes for your members, ensuring exercise variety and guidance.

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Glute Builder Training
There are so many reasons to train your glutes – aesthetics, strength, power, stability. That is why we created a unique and highly effective solution: Glute Builder Training.