Technogym Live - External Inputs

Technogym Live 22” allows to display users’ contents coming from external HDMI inputs. You can stream signals from sources as STB (Set Top Boxes), decoders (e.g. SkyQ), Apple TV 4K, Google Chromecast (“with Google TV” model), Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K.


Technogym Live is compatible only with HDMI sources supporting HDCP 2.2 protocol. Please check your HDMI-in source specification to check it.

Mirroring devices

Some mirroring devices need to be powered from a USB socket. Live UI has a built-in USB port right above the HDMI-in input.

Chromecast with Google TV needs a non-standard USB-A to USB-C cable for supply, please use only the cable provided by Technogym. Chromecast can be safely secured to the back of the display using the included installation kit (with instructions).

Examples of compatible devices


Apple TV 4K (HDCP 2.2) - Compatible

Apple TV HD 4th gen (HDCP 1.4) – Not compatible


Chromecast with Google TV (HDCP 2.2) - Compatible

Chromecast Ultra (HDCP 1.4) – Not compatible


Fire TV Stick 4K (HDCP 2.2) - Compatible

Fire TV Stick (HDCP 1.4) – Not compatible