COMMUNICATOR: Improve loyalty & secondary revenues

Transform your cardio equipment into a marketing tool. Send a range of promotional messages to clients while they work out, or request feedback and opinions on your services.

How it works

The COMMUNICATOR app allows you to reach your clients in a way that feels comfortable to them. In just a few clicks you can send a message to your clients as they train. Plus you can advertise activities on UNITY™ and gather feedback and opinions on your services, which will help you to promote your facility and services further.

Benefits for staff

  • Closer contact with clients and a deeper insight into their preferences, opinions and thoughts
  • Reach clients in a way that feels comfortable to them
  • Receive immediate feedback
  • Gather basic data on any activity, allowing you to choose whether to optimise certain services
  • Easily promote your facility with co-marketing by personalising the digital display with your facility’s logo.

Benefits for clients

  • Clients will enjoy a closer connection with their facility with targeted, instant messages
  • Clients will feel that their opinions and feedback is important and therefore will feel more involved with the facility
  • Clients are likely to be more motivated by seeing how their feedback has changed or improved services within the facility