COACH: Indoor & outdoor lifestyle management

With the COACH app, you can become your clients’ personal coach by defining regular training programmes for them, including diet and lifestyle recommendations.

How it works

Go one step further and be your clients’ personal lifestyle coach. This app allows you to stay in touch with your client even away from the gym, enabling you to provide a more innovative and interactive service. Monitor the data from your clients’ exercises daily and provide them with goals and motivational messages.

Benefits for staff

  • Follow clients’ tracked activities in real time and stay in touch with them wherever you both are
  • Easily create personalised action plans for clients
  • Connect with clients in meaningful ways through their devices
  • Motivate clients even when they’re not in the gym
  • Quickly define weekly training programmes
  • Easily stay in touch with clients wherever they are

Benefits for clients

  • Clients will feel the benefit of the action plans created for them
  • Clients will experience a closer connection to trainers and the facility
  • Clients will feel inspired and motivated even outside the gym with the close contact from their personal lifestyle coaching service