To lose weight... with weights

Let's take two people who are the same height and weight and who follow the same diet; one of the two has a firm, slim body while the other appears decidedly overweight.
This is something that happens quite often and, if you are not the person in good shape, it can be extremely annoying. But how can this happen?

It all depends on body mass and, of course, on the type of physical activity. For two people who weigh the same, the slimmer one will be the one that has a higher lean mass with respect to the fat.

The lean mass, that is mainly muscular mass, is directly proportionate to the basal metabolism, i.e. the amount of energy the body must consume to maintain most of its vital functions active.

It is obvious that the more we increase the muscular mass, and thus our lean mass, the more calories we burn effortlessly every day, even just to breathe or digest.

Everybody knows that aerobic activity is necessary to stay in shape, but not everybody knows that it is important to increase the muscle volume and this means devoting special attention to training with weights and bar-bells.

Simple and safe to use, at home as well as in the gym, weights will lower your weight and help your body to stay in shape over time.