Create a gym, even with just 20 sq m

After having explained how to set up a gym in 30 m², and which locations and rules to use for a Kinesis® Personal, this week we're looking into how to set up a gym in just 20 m².
Once again, one of our Wellness Design™ experts will explain it to us.

How should you organise a gym at home in 20 m²?
Architectural constraints and the availability of space are crucial for creating a gym in 20 m². You must take into account pathway flow to ensure that the space is easily accessible and the equipment can be used to best advantage.
Thanks to solutions created by the Wellness Design™ Department, even small spaces can lend themselves to functional and elegant fitness areas. A quick calculation determines how many machines you can include, working out the maximum occupied space and total space needed to perform the movements correctly.
Considering these restrictions, the interior designer will work with the floor plan by arranging the machines the client has selected in the best layout, or will investigate the most suitable solution for a gym environment that can meet every need by finding the right "Strength-Cardio" balance.

In order to organise a complete gym, what pieces of equipment are must-haves?
Assuming we're aiming for a 20 m² solution, we know for certain that in this space we can include 4-5 machines between Cardio and Strength.
There are various types of opportunities and different solutions for this type of space: Run Personal, Bike Excite® Visio, Kinesis® Personal (Vision/Heritage), Chrome Dumbbells (1-10 Kg), and Adjustable Bench Selection; this type of standard set-up can allow for complete training that is also a clever solution for people seeking the right balance between fitness and elegance.
But a 20 m² floor plan isn't always easy to manage – there are often windows to consider, and pathways must be respected. In this case, the "Forma" line is just right: Wellness System™, Cross Forma, Unica, Wellness Ball™s and Wellness Pads.
A solution incorporating the "Forma" line is ideal for more complicated space situations, for a home gym that requires less space and money, without giving up on Technogym quality.
Choosing to include Wellness Ball™s and Wellness Pads allows you to create a solid stretching zone, ideal for people who love functional training, while the muscle strengthening phase is amply satisfied by Unica.
Thanks to the vast range of Technogym products, we can provide an adequate selection of machines for training that's always effective to use happily in the intimacy of any home... even in just 20 m².
Can you give us an example of a space organised this way?
Here are two sample layouts:

    1. Floor plan 1: in this space we find a Stretching Pad for stretching and relaxation, an Adjustable Bench Selection, a Cross Forma and an Unica along with a rack with some chrome dumbbells;
    2. Floor plan 2: in this option, the client chose to focus more on cardio training, adding Run Personal, Vario Excite®, a Group Cycle bike and an Unica, enhancing the wellness space with a sofa.