3 Reasons to create a mywellness cloud account

Fitness and technology are converging and there are many solutions out there that allow you to track and assess your fitness and wellness outcomes. But, with so many different options, it can seem overwhelming or daunting when trying to pick the right solution.

That is why using a mywellness cloud account is an ideal choice.

Simply, Technogym’s mywellness cloud technology syncs across several platforms – gym machines, different apps, your mobile phone and more – anywhere and at any time. To join the mywellness cloud, you can create a mywellness cloud account which serves as a central hub that actively tracks and stores information for you as well as give you real-time information about your Wellness progress.

The good news is that creating a mywellness cloud is simple and it’s equally easy to use. Like other Technogym solutions, it is also customizable so that it can fit all types of preferences, abilities and lifestyles into one place.

Explore three reasons as to why you should create an account today:
INTEGRATION AND CUSTOMIZATION HAVE NEVER BEEN SO SIMPLE: You can adapt your current preferences to your mywellness account and customize it with the options that you know are familiar with and recognize.

– The mywellness cloud is based on an open platform, which means it is compatible with other apps on the market. It already integrates with some of your favorite fitness apps, including MapMyFitness, RunKeeper, Strava, Fitbit, Swimtag and others. This means that you can keep using those and integrate your fitness data tracked across different apps on a single mywellness.com platform for a truly comprehensive overview of your Wellness lifestyle (Plus, stay tuned for more information about new apps!).

– Another feature of the mywellness cloud is the option to customize your account to show your favorite websites, content and more instantly every time you log-in to Technogym cardio equipment.

VERSATILE, MULTIFUNCTIONAL AND FUN: A mywellness cloud account allows you to track exercise anytime and everywhere, literally. Here are all the various ways that you can relay information to the mywellness cloud:

– At the gym: automatically track your activity on Technogym equipment via: (1) a username and password; (2) your mobile phone with QR code or NFC technology; (3) the TGS Key or mywellness key devices

– Away from the gym: log your movements by choosing among hundreds of different exercise options frommywellness.com and/or mywellness app, or sync your MapMyFitness or RunKeeper data from outdoor runs, walks and bike rides onto your mywellness cloud account

Plus, beyond a myriad of different ways to account for your activity, you can also get a little competitive by having your facility set up Challenges (via the Challenge App on mywellness cloud) for you and other members. For example, your facility could set up a Bike Challenge to see who can bike the furthest distance in a month. Join your facility’s Challenges through your mywellness.com account and check your ranking over time to see how close you are to winning!


INFORMATION IS MOTIVATION: We are all information-driven these days. Data in the form of workout numbers – how far you’ve run this month, how many calories you’ve burnt – can be great motivators as well as ways to assess your progress over time. The benefit of tracking all your data in one place through the mywellness cloud is that information is permanently stored, can be referenced over time and helps serve as a reminder for you to continue your healthy exercise habits.

Get started now. Create your account by visiting: user.mywellness.com.