Champions Train With Technogym: Yeman Crippa

In the desert, the sun never moves from the middle of the sky, straight above the heads of passers-by and travellers, who feel the burn of both the heat and the dry sand. Yeman Crippa is a child of the desert, born in Ethiopia and raised in the strict life of orphanages in the city of Addis Abeba. There were eight of them, between siblings and cousins, who experienced the same circumstances. The man that Yeman grew into remembers very little of those early years, other than the heat, and for example, the time he spent bringing cows and goats to pasture, or playing hide-and-seek, his favourite game, which he always won on account of being so much faster than the others.

To live in an orphanage is not easy for anybody, nonetheless for a family of 8 boys and girls who were torn between the desire to be adopted and change the course of their fate, and the fear of being separated upon adoption, losing the only connection that glued them together during the difficult times.
Then, like it sometimes does, even when you don’t think it’s possible, it all worked out. Married couple Roberto and Luisa Crippa arrive in Ethiopia from Milan, and only a short while after adopting Yeman, bring the other 7 back to Italy as well, putting the children’s fears to rest and giving them a most unexpected and beautiful experience.

Yeman discovers a new world in Italy, one in which, aside from school and his friends, there are also sports. At first it was soccer, a love that blossomed in the first grade, and which he hoped would turn him into a great champion. Then, young Crippa’s talent was revealed during student games; he ran effortlessly, dominating every foot race from the flat 80 metres to cross-country. He increased his distances day after day, training with passion and the joy of hard work, until one day when he had to choose between his soccer ball and running shoes; he chose the latter, because nothing gave him more of an adrenaline rush than winning an individual race.
From then on, Crippa’s career has been a constant rise to the Italian middle-distance throne. He celebrated his defining victories over the past few years, when he beat out, one by one, all of the previous leading records. The 3k, 5k, and 10k have now become Yeman’s domain, the fastest Italian in history to complete them. Yet what is most striking, more than his talent and his light, easy stride, is the smile that he always wears during races. A natural, welcoming smile, that on its own, seems to tell of the abundance of his life story. A true lesson on what matters most, that he shares simply by being himself.

Now one of the brightest stars in Italian sports, he represents the excellence of our movement as a young athlete with extraordinary temperament, with so much ahead of him, marching with conviction towards becoming the world elite of his sport. Not bad for a boy who spent his time grazing goats and whose favourite past-time was playing hide-and-seek under the Ethiopian sun.

Yeman Crippa, Italian distance runner who boasts a 1500 metre Italian national champion title and 14 youth titles, reach success thanks to his athletic passion and steadfast will power.
All of his victories, which he began achieving as a young boy, are a result of continuous and well-researched athletic preparation. For his training, the athlete chooses Skillrun.

Discover Skillrun

Skillrun is a running product that combines cardio and power workouts into one solution, designed to meet the needs of both professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts.
Not just running: depending on your objectives, Skillrun guides your pace and simplifies your workout, enabling you to improve your speed, resistance, and coordination. The Sled and Parachute Training modes, on the other hand, offer controlled resistance on the running surface.
In addition, the Biofeedback feature tracks and monitors your key running data in real time, providing you with valuable insight on your running efficiency and allowing you to improve upon your performance.
Track-and-field requires targeted workouts based around speed, explosive power and resistance: For workouts like Yeman’s, you can choose one of three specific objectives from the interactive console and start a training routine that will guide you through every phase of the exercise: Cardio Fit, Strong Legs and Speed & Agility Drills.

To improve the anaerobic threshold, maxium aerobic capacity and endurance strength, Yeman Crippa uses Technogym treadmills. Discover the training in the programme section of Technogym App.

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