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Fitness is a passion that must be cultivated regularly. Weather conditions, lack of time and a lack of desire to leave home are just some of the factors that can prevent many fans from training outdoors. A good alternative for many is to train in the familiarity of their own home.  Whether your goal is athletic preparation or the simple pleasure of staying fit, with Technogym you can train in the peace and quiet of your own home.
In every home, Technogym can offer multiple solutions tailored to the training needs and spaces of each user. If the latter is a factor to consider, you can choose equipment with a small footprint but great training potential. If square footage is not a problem, then you are spoilt for choice.
If you love to achieve your fitness goals in the comfort of your own home, then this article is for you. Let's discover Technogym's home training solutions together:

  • Personal Line, the collection designed to integrate perfectly with any kind of furniture;
  • Artis and Skill Line, reference points for training in the best sports centres in the world;
  • MyRun and Unica, smart solutions to optimize spaces.

Personal line: design and connectivity

Personal is a complete line of products for cardio, strength and functional training. In terms of style and design, it is Technogym's "iconic" collection of products, combining cutting-edge professional training technology, innovative digital solutions and an elegant and modern design.  With Kinesis Personal you can train thanks to a special web app that allows you to perform over 200 exercises for toning, flexibility and balance.
Reliability and safety make Run Personal the ideal treadmill for beginners and professionals alike, while the ergonomic design of Recline Personal makes the exercise bike suitable for everyone and all types of exercise, from the most intense to the most moderate. Cross Personal, the Technogym cross trainer that takes total body training to new levels of performance, particularly suitable for losing weight and keeping your weight under control with exercise, all without overloading your joints.
Power Personal is the equipment in line with the trend of hi-performance training and consists of two elements: Bench Personal, the professional adjustable bench designed to perform strengthening and toning exercises and Rack Personal, the structure for free weight training that combines solidity and robustness with a compact design that allows the support of barbells and discs. The small dimensions of Bike Personal are perfect to give shape to any dream gym in any environment of the Home.
Getting passionate about your workout with Personal Line has never been easier, with on-demand personal training sessions you can reach your fitness goals step by step.

Artis and Skill: at the forefront of technique

If training at home means working naturally for fitness and performance, the Artis and Skill lines are for you. Completely renewed and updated to the highest technological standards, Artis offers a training experience with great opportunities, both cardio and strength. The essential design and digital connectivity will also bring home the excitement of a workout in the gym. For those who have little time to train, thanks to the routines available on the Unity console you can achieve your goals without wasting time.

Skill Line products open new horizons in the field of sports performance: in addition to the gym, they are also perfect for training at home. Skill Line defines a new training category that is inspired by the passion for sport and is dedicated to all those who want to challenge their limits and improve their performance: from runners, triathletes, cyclists and fans of various sports disciplines; Skill Line develops work skills and improves skills in complete safety and refines the basic skills needed for all sports. Skill Line is characterized by a specific design for sport and advanced training routines, and puts all the skills involved in athletic performance to the test, for a complete body training even in a short time, suitable to train all athletic skills.
Skillbike, the revolutionary bike that allows cyclists, triathletes and enthusiasts to live the emotions and challenges of the road experience in the comfort of an indoor environment, Skillmill, the only non-motorized product that combines power, speed, endurance and agility training, Skillrow, the innovative indoor rowing solution designed to allow a perfect simulation of rowing in water, Skillrun, the treadmill that sets a new standard in performance running and is able to meet the needs of all runners.
Skilltools is the line of fitness equipment designed with the Skillathletic method, designed to improve performance and provide high level fitness results. Skilltools is designed to support and refine every type of exercise and a wide variety of training combinations to improve training at every stage of the session. The Skilltools range covers three categories of movement: mobility, stability and speed.

Among the key products of the range the foam roller, characterized by variable stiffness to relieve muscle tension in a customized way, mobility stick, a dual-purpose training tool that can be used as an aid for stretching and strength training, and medicine ball, provides a training thanks to different sizes with a double stitching design for greater durability and a balanced weight evenly distributed and slam ball.

MyRun and Unica - The highest quality training in a small space

MyRun is the first running solution that integrates a treadmill, native app and tablet to offer pure running pleasure, with custom programs and immediate feedback on the technique. With MyRun you can plan personalized exercises, sessions or training programs. The dedicated app includes specific programs to improve running technique, interval training programs to improve speed and endurance, programmed heart rate CPR programs. In addition, the user can create fully customized programs based on training status, target and time.

The ideal solution to train strength and improve physical condition with the minimum of space is called Unica. Unica's incredible versatility offers numerous possibilities for strength training. Refined materials, elegant design and the quality of a professional product make Unica a complete gym in just 1.5 square meters. Designed and manufactured with high quality materials, Unica allows you to perform 25 different exercises thanks to the exclusive leverage system that makes it possible to select the desired load with maximum versatility.

The biomechanics and the facilitated starting system allow a correct and safe use of the equipment for every kind of user. The muscle strengthening exercises carried out on Unica are guided throughout the whole movement and the anatomical padding allows greater comfort during the execution of the exercises.

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