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Monday blues: what are they and how we can defeat them to take our week back to a great start

It is a lovely Sunday evening and the sun has just begun to set. As you see the day slowly giving way into the night, a sense of gloom, anxiety and sadness sets in. Without even realising it, you have started to think about the workweek you have ahead of yourself, a gut wrenching feeling that will leave only when Monday, the most dreaded of days, is finally gone.
What is wrong with Monday? On the calendar, Monday is just the first day of the week, but in our mind, it is probably the most hated day of all. The black sheep of the lot. Monday is the day where we project all of our anxieties and our happy moments from the weekend come to an end. Modern day society has even labelled a term to express how much we despise this day, the Monday Blues.

This mix of feelings applies to mostly everyone, unconditionally, even if we love our work environment. If not handled properly, these bad feelings may accrue during the week, making you lose energy and passion not just on Monday, but for the whole week.

Forse tutta questa cattiva reputazione non è necessaria
However, your Monday does not have to be this way. As shocking as it may sound, Monday does not need such a bad reputation, and a little perspective shift may be all you need to turn Monday into the first of five happy and productive days!

The 5 steps to fight off Monday Blues

There are many ways in which you win over the Monday blues. We give you five tips, which in our opinion are the most achievable steps to making Monday’s great again.

  1. 1. Use your weekend wisely
  2. 2. Plan ahead
  3. 3. Take it easy
  4. 4. Don’t cave in to the Monday blues
  5. 5. Turn your Monday into Funday

1. Use your weekend wisely

It’s amazing how people spend their weekend time either doing nothing or trying to do as many things as possible before the dreaded beginning of the week. We all take for granted that a weekend should be an opportunity to relax, but the way in which you relax is what really matters. Instead of cosying up all day in bed binge-watching the latest Netflix show, why not using the weekend as an opportunity to spend more time outdoors, do some physical activity and relax on the couch with your loved ones watching Netflix?

Whether you are a spa-loving person or a crave for some light training to feel better with yourself, there is always something better than lazing on the couch all day.

Likewise, if you have planned to take some hours off your weekend to work, a great way to dedicate this time is to do the most creative parts of your work, or to lay the foundations of your next workweek. The important thing, should you decide to work on weekends as well, is that you do it with moderation and without the hustle and bustle of everyday correspondence with your boss and colleagues.

Lastly, the weekend is your chance to recharge the batteries: make sure to get enough sleep, without oversleeping and wasting hours of precious leisure activities. You may find this lifestyle much more resting and fulfilling, making you start your next week refreshed and with renewed vigour.

Torna carico per il nuovo fine settimana

2. Plan ahead

The best way to have a relaxed weekend and an energetic start of the week free from the Monday blues is to plan the activities for your next week. Monday blues can indeed make your feel overstressed: on top of your daily work, you also have to plan your agenda for the rest of the week, which may be hard when you already are in the middle of the action, as well as recoup whatever you have left behind the week before.

Although you can devote part of your weekend to planning, the safest route is to prepare for Monday on Friday. Solve any unfinished business as soon as possible; set the strategy for your next week with an uncluttered mind; leave key notes to explain what you have to do as soon as you get back into the office. Dedicating 1 hour to close the week properly and to set next week agenda may save you hours afterwards, and make you much more relaxed during the weekend.

3. Take it easy

If a workweek is like a marathona Monday is its beginning. Just like a long distance race, you should not rush immediately: all you would feel is stressed, tired and annoyed. Rather, you should pace yourself, taking little steps at first, scoring easy wins to boost your morale and gaining the momentum necessary to accomplish even the most boring and unpleasant tasks.

Nessuno è una macchina, devi prendere il lunedì a piccoli passi
To start out easy, set your agenda down to the hour and place with all the easiest tasks both at the beginning and at the end of your Monday. Of course, unexpected issues may arise, but be as prepared as possible is the best way to keep track of your busy schedule.

4. Don’t cave in to the Monday blues

The worst thing you can do is to believe is that a Monday stays a bad day regardless of what you do. Believing this will lead you to find bad signs wherever you see them, thinking all the way there we go, it’s gonna be another awful first day of the week.

Monday is like any other day, with the difference that you’ve had a whole weekend to plan how to make it better. If anything, it can be the easiest of workdays

The only thing you need is the right attitude and to stay positive. To do this, you can choose from countless options. Have a nice breakfast in the morning; put on your nicest clothes and dress for success; create a spot on playlist to keep you pumped or make someone else happy – it’s the little things that count. Furthermore, before you step into the office, find out what are the most difficult tasks of the day, deconstruct them and analyse how you can deal with them efficiently.
Trova la carica per cominciare la giornata con lo spirito giusto
The important thing is to keep your morale high. You’ll see that a nice smile and the right attitude will make your and other people’s Monday a lot more enjoyable.

5. Turn Monday into your Funday

There are certain things nobody usually does when the week has just begun. Going to a cinema, having dinner to a nice restaurant or doing the sport you love seem weekend activities because we believe them as such.

It doesn’t have to be something big. Even a lunch out with a colleague you like or a workout session mid-lunch break are awesome ways to unwind. The important thing is that you fuel your Sunday with anticipation for what’s to come the day after. Doing this will make you wait, rather than dread, your first best day of the week.

So, why not trying doing something different and make your Monday unique?

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