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Wellness and fitness areas in the hotel

by Gabriele Ferraresi
Wellness is at the forefront of many people’s lives and this trend is undoubtedly influencing the expansion in different areas. One of those is the hotel industry, where Wellness must be present in its offer of services having health at the centre. The four aspects to be treated will be training or physical activity, relaxation and regeneration, preventive treatments and therapy. More and more people see physical and mental wellbeing as a priority in their lives: and while travelling or on holiday they want to relax, but also to be able to maintain their daily routine.

Each one of us will make our own choice, moving towards a very personal search for wellbeing; made up of a well-kept image, synonymous with a great gesture of love for our bodies.

It is logical, therefore, that not only the large hotel chains, but anyone working in the hotel and hospitality sector has long since grasped the importance of focusing on quality fitness and wellness spaces within its structure. In a market that is growing more than twice as much as tourism - 6.5% per year against 3.2% - and that literally flies into new markets such as China and India, the "health conscious" wellness offer, perhaps with yoga lessons or Pilates, can make the difference between a reservation or not. Or a positive or negative review on Trip Advisor or Booking.

The importance of a fitness and wellness area in the hotel

The data speaks clearly on this one - cited in a survey by Cornell University - where 46% of the sample says that they would have definitely attended the gym of the hotel where they stayed (but it must also be said that only 22% admit to having then actually used it). The customers of the big chains led this change, especially in the last decade. As a result, the gyms in the hotels have "come out" from the dark basements, to find new bright spaces equipped with the latest machinery.
To accompany this transition of the offer, new professional figures have emerged such as the "running concierge" for example, who advises or accompanies guests to run in the areas surrounding the hotel.

Fitness and wellness in the hotel must be above and beyond expectation for the guests, above all in the fitness areas. The synergy between the traditional core business of a hotel, hospitality, and the importance of quality sleep, healthy eating, and physical exercise for guests, must be complete. Moving on from a yoga session at dawn, an afternoon run, and an anti-aging cooking class in the evening.

Wellness tourism

Wellness and fitness areas in hotels are now much more than a passing trend, but a consolidated reality that continues to grow: and the numbers speak for themselves. According to the Global Wellness Institute, in fact, the sector at a global level is now worth more than 4,200 billion dollars, of which 639 billion are related to wellness tourism choosed by 586 million people, second only to cultural tourism.
Wellness tourism is a type of travel experience that aims to promote health and well-being through physical, psychological and spiritual activities. Those who are used to it seek to improve health and quality of life, focusing also on prevention.
Susie Ellis, CEO of Global Wellness Institute

There are so many new combinations of travel destinations that focus on healthy experiences, that appeal to both men and women and come at much more affordable price-points.

Wellness Solutions

Where do you start by building a wellness experience for your guests? One idea could be to rethink the structure of the common hotel room and move towards a wellness room that represents the centre of experience for the guest. It is necessary to rethink the rooms 360 degrees working on materials, organization of the space and solutions tailored to the guest.
But it is no longer enough to insert a treadmill in a corner to be able to say "wellness-proof". Wellness a la carte is a further step in this direction because it offers the customer the opportunity to choose the preferred mode of training and order them in their room. With the solutions offered by Technogym you can transform your guests' stay into a rewarding wellness experience on request.

The guest can choose from the many options of the Wellness Menu: a selection of smart equipment that is easily transportable when needed and dedicated multimedia tools such as the Wellness Rack, the weight kit that allows you to strengthen all your muscles and achieve your fitness goals. To meet all needs and ensure the loyalty of guests who prefer to train in the privacy of their room, you can turn their stay into an engaging experience through customised training programs.

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