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The new Real Estate trend? The Wellness Community to live a healthy lifestyle

White fences, well-kept lawns, backyards with barbecue and swimming pool. A golden retriever grabs the newspaper and delivers it to the owner, who in the meantime has gone out in his robe sipping his cup of hot American coffee. The man looks up and greets his neighbour "Golf course, same time?" "You can count on it!" He returns home and his wife waits for him to have breakfast with her children. "Honey, I must go:  I have yoga and meditation with the girls and then cooking class. You guys?" "School, park and pool with friends." "Don't forget the concert tonight! The whole city is coming.

American Dream? No, Lake Nona.

For those unaware, Lake Nona in Orlando, Florida, as well as The Interlace in Japan, Via Verde in the Bronx, Serenbe in Atlanta or BedZED in the UK are just some of the latest successes in the Wellness Real Estate segment, created to promote the physical and mental health of their inhabitants. However, how can buying a property reduce stress, improve health and bring serenity?
Community yoga

From Real Estate to Wellness Community

Real Estate and Wellness Community are not synonymous. The Global Wellness Institute clarifies the concept of Wellness Lifestyle Real Estate:

Homes and buildings proactively designed and built to support the holistic health of their residents

We probably all have in mind the idyllic picture: a beautiful house, with swimming pool, gym, children's play garden in a protected area, perhaps with an organic farm where you can farm-to-table food.

A dreamlike neighbourhood
In this sense, the definition of Wellness Community is much wider, including "a group of people, living nearby, who share common goals, interests and experiences, pursuing wellness in a holistic and multidimensional way".

In a Wellness Community, the neighbours all know each other, they go together to yoga and meditation classes; their children study and play together, while in the evening the whole community gathers to attend theatrical performances, a concert or take part in other cultural events promoted with the aim of creating a deeper bond between the members of the community.  Here is the whole difference.

The "community" is something intangible that cannot be explained, but that is perceived when you experience it.

When the community feeling is added to Real Estate, then we are talking about the Wellness Community.

Together is better

Why is the Wellness Community the current trend in the real estate sector? The Wellness Community is born from the natural need of people to connect with oneself and with others in a critical period such as the one we are living, dominated by loneliness and social alienation.
Rediscover your contact with nature
From the moment we step out the front door to go to work to the moment we get back at the end of the day, we are subjected to physical and psychological stress factors that may cause diseases in the long run. Often we do not have time to devote ourselves to activities that would make us feel better, such as an outdoor race or trip to reconnect with nature. We buy gym subscriptions and then postpone our workout to the beginning of the following week.
Jog in a park to feel better
If we also add the fact that, being out all day, we often do not even know what our neighbours look like, it is easily understandable why there is a need to build not only houses, but neighbourhoods that allow you to lead a healthy lifestyle and keep it.  At the end, everyone wants to achieve the same goal: to lead a healthy life in a healthy environment.

The Wellness Community shifts the focus from the "I" to the "we".

Finding time to go to the gym, play outdoor sports or enjoy a day in nature with your family should no longer be a hassle. These activities should instead become part of the daily life of the family and the community more generally.

The future of the Wellness Community

There are more and more Wellness Communities and the trend is to make sure that, in addition to living in the community, people also work in service of the community.
What lies ahead for the Wellness Community?
The future of the Wellness Community? Become more numerous and create a capillary network of places designed specifically for the members of the community and their needs, allowing them to work and lead a healthy lifestyle effortlessly.

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