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Virtual space, authentic wellness

For a long time, technological development was understood as a growing danger to people's well-being: more technology meant less need for movement and activity in general, and therefore a more sedentary lifestyle. But recent years have shown us that things are not exactly like that, and it seems that even the much feared virtual reality can prove to be an important support for the workout, and even for meditation.

Hi tech + fitness + Wellness = Future

From video games that would have replaced outdoor play to the stress that technological devices invariably cause, healthy lifestyle and technology seem two concepts so distant and incompatible that they are often treated as alternatives that impose a choice.

Wearable, training apps and increasingly technologically advanced and digitally equipped equipment are, on the other hand, disproving our beliefs and allaying our fears: today we know that technology, fitness and wellness can not only live together, but also work together.

VR Wellness Spaces

With more and more technologies and experiences that offer an integration between movement and digital, in fact, the great popularity that the idea of wellness is living in this period has also infected environments that before, when technological development did not allow it, simply did not exist: virtual ones.

The number of virtual spaces dedicated to body (but also mind) care is increasing at a glance. Training in the gym or even at home while experiencing the experience of being on a Caribbean beach or immersed in the unspoiled nature of a Nordic forest is no longer science fiction.

Gaming and fitness: never so close

The times of the trinomial videogames-settee-junk food seem to be at the drip.

In Singapore, for example, a city that is a symbol of the high-tech revolution worldwide, one of the gyms in the Pure Fitness family offers the opportunity to train and play a video game at the same time. Literally: playing a video game and training.

It is called VirZOOM Virtual Reality Bike and is the first static bike to have VR technology. Through a virtual reality headset, VirZOOM allows cyclists to choose from six different games, all of which integrate the exercise on the bike with various scenarios and game objectives. An immersive experience in the true sense of the term, involving the whole body in a workout that has never been so much fun.

A good place (virtual) to meditate

The practices of relaxation, psychological wellbeing and self-awareness, which are mostly from the East, are another trend that has become established in the global wellness landscape.

And the attempt to make them live in the digital world has led to a redefinition of the role of technology rather unpredictable, which has transformed it into a means capable of encouraging the emergence of feelings and atmospheres of peace and relaxation.

The New York-based manufacturer m ss ng p eces (the name can testify to its propensity for original choices) has, for example, launched a series of meditation experiences in 2016 that find their home in virtual environments. Among these, you can also choose guided meditation sessions, as well as several "Meditation talks", a walking meditation and a meditation session in the hills of Marion County, Florida.
Guided Meditation VR, a mobile app dedicated to meditation in virtual spaces, also allows you to choose many environments as the setting for your meditation activity: from beaches to desert panoramas, up to snowy forests and tropical forests.

There are many skeptics, but John Farkas, CEO of Cubicle Ninjas, the digital agency that developed Guided Meditation VR, is convinced: "Virtual reality has the emotionally very powerful ability to take people to another place, at a time when they are experiencing the emotional weight that comes from feeling in another place.

At this point, all that remains to try is to meet on the beach in half an hour?

The times of the trinomial videogames-settee-junk food seem to be at the drip.

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