Champions Train With Technogym: Vincent Luis

I think the moment I fell in love with triathlons was when I was watching the 2004 Athens Olympic Games on tv. At that time, I was a swimmer but to be honest, I had started to get a little bored. When I saw these amazing athletes running, swimming and biking in their triathlete gear, I thought it was so cool and really beautiful to watch. Right then and there, I made the decision it was something I wanted to do. So, now looking back, maybe the real reason I started was simply that I thought it was cool and wanted to be just like them."

Born in 1989, number one French triathlete Vincent Luis has always had sports and stellar success written in his constellations. Early inspiration started within his own family as both his parents were marathon runners and his sister a swimmer.  This is the reason why Vincent’s competitive spirit emerged at such a young age. Even as a novice diver, six-year-old Vincent would challenge the entire family to freediving competitions. So, thanks to that televised moment of Greek 2004 edition, this young talent shifted his attention towards the Triathlon, one of the Games’ most electrifying new Millennium novelties.
The Triathlon is a tiring and complex discipline requiring extraordinary mental strength and great balance that dialogues between pure performance and attention to detail. Three different sports fit together to form a new one, taking specific challenges from each multiplied by an accumulated fatigue, kilometer after kilometer. “As a child, I was a big fan of Japanese Manga and comics. The protagonist would reach their absolute limit, risk dying or not making it back. But then magically, they always came back, they always made it, they always survived. And heroically, they returned stronger than ever. That really spoke to me. Whenever I’m suffering during a hard workout and on the verge of giving up, I always repeat to myself: “Keep going, it’s the right thing to do because the benefits and rewards from this suffering are just around the corner.”

As the Tokyo 2020 Games approach, the two-time World Champion has clear ideas with one specific goal in mind. France has always aimed high and come close to the podium. So, this Frenchman wants to take first-time Olympic Triathlon glory.

The Olympics are big. And the Triathlon has only debuted now for a few editions so there isn’t a long archive  of medal holders. France has yet to take an Olympic medal in the Triathlon event so  everyday my sole thoughts are dedicated towards training in order to achieve that  result. A medal in Tokyo would be a huge step forward for all of us as a nation since we’ve come so close in the past.” Champion Vincent Luis’s passionate and confident tone of voice vividly paints a picture of his ambitious dream for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. This Frenchman’s source of aspiration and conviction is a mindset of excellence needed to get to the top. Aiming to win a medal and level for his country, he concludes that it comes down to one simple piece of advice: “At the end of the day, you will never be dissatisfied if you have done your best.”
For a triathlete, athletic preparation is fundamental: It is key to train each of three disciplines in a specific and combined way in order to obtain the right balance and winning performance.
To carry out targeted workouts like those of Vincent Luis, Technogym has created Skillbike, the only stationary bike with a real gearbox that allows you to experience the emotion and challenges of outdoor cycling.

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Reach new heights: Whether you want to train over a certain distance or climb, or simply just want to take a new route, get in the saddle and set off with Skillbike.  Select from a range of  pre-installed courses or import favorites from Strava.
Data at your fingertips: the integrated color LCD console allows you to view data needed  to monitor your ride in real time.
Skillbike gives you the freedom to choose targeted exercises and workouts tailored to your goals. Select the personalized training mode to improve athletic qualities required in cycling.

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