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A holiday in Norfolk between sport and relaxation

In Norfolk, you're never too far from the water. Beneath the wide northern sky are the wide, wild beaches, windblown swamps and the quiet flow of the Broads, the navigable river system that runs through the region and the neighbouring Suffolk. It only takes a few stretches and immediately, between the green, yellow and dark blue of the North Sea, the game of suggestion and references takes us to the charm of Victorian and Edwardian England, to Conan Doyle, to the poems of Auden. And yet, without affecting the region's compound charm, in recent decades tourists visiting Norfolk can choose from a wide range of activities, from the most vintage and tranquil to sports, up to those dedicated to children and nature lovers.

Norfolk: one foot on the ground and one on the sea

Although Norwich is fascinating and lively, Norfolk County attracts tourists mainly because of the Norfolk Broads National Park, which is criss-crossed by a vast network of man-made canals from the Middle Ages to the 17th century. For those who prefer freedom of movement and more adventurous exploration, the Broads offer the possibility of crossing the canals, swamps and wooded areas with canoes, kayaks and paddleboards.
Between barren and fascinating landscapes and variety of flora and fauna - this is a paradise for canoeing and kayaking enthusiasts are a perfect means of transport to penetrate into the small canals. From those who have never tried to the more experienced navigators, the waterways welcome everyone. In fact, you can cross the park in an intense three days of navigation, camping in the woods, or enjoy a half day with a guide, an experience also suitable for those traveling with children.

Workout at home like in the water with SKILLROW

Rowing is an exercise for the whole body that requires muscular effort on legs, buttocks, lumbar area, upper back, shoulders, arms and abdomen. It is a type of effective exercise for the simultaneous work of a large number of muscles thus ensuring a complete workout. Calorie consumption is also very high, which is why rowing is a great way to reduce fat mass and lose weight.
SKILLROW is the rowing machine specifically designed for the needs of athletes. Its MULTIDRIVE TECHNOLOGY allows various types of training, aimed both at improving muscle performance and power. SKILLROW was created with the intention of recreating a safe, effective and natural rowing, offering the user the additional benefit of a total fluidity of rowing. Its unique design also makes it adaptable to a home environment and small spaces thanks to the folding function.

Suggestions for a correct rowing

  • Think about maintaining a good posture at all times - keep your head up and your chest up.
  • Find a good rhythm. Be explosive and then relax and breathe as you slide forward for the next row.
  • Aim for a 2:1 ratio - take twice as much recovery time between runs as you have on the run.
  • Long, powerful shots are better than short, fast shots. Try to keep your score or cadence between 20 and 30 rounds per minute.

Train with Technogym at Fitness Space Norwich

Located in the Cringleford area of Norwich, the Technogym Fitness Space studio is the ideal solution for those who love to train in the gym even on holiday. The studio offers a space for training and multiple services including a team of 5 qualified trainers, body composition analysis, Technogym TEAMBEATs and heart rate monitors.

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