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UNICA: home fitness meets design history

Houses are made of objects and, among the others, some cannot be missing in a house meant to communicate a sense of warmth and belonging. The Italian tradition gives a lot of importance to family ties and sees the house as its focal point.

When focussing on Italian traditions and the home as one of its most significant symbols, you can’t help but thinking of the exceptional heritage of Italian design and the extraordinarily significant contribution that the Italian school has given to product and furniture design.

Tradition and innovation, experimentation and elegance, creative solutions for minimal objects, linear in both form and concept to give the definitive impression that "it could not be that way". All this is Italian design, able to give the right credit to its tradition, eminently handcrafted, yet always imposing new challenges that have ended up questioning Design itself internationally. All this can be found in UNICA, Technogym's historic product and wellness icon.

UNICA: icon of italian design

Immediately a great classic for the home fitness era focused on training tools, also seen as furnishing objects, UNICA by Technogym shares and encloses in a single object many of the distinctive traits of Italian design and its icons.

Discover UNICA

UNICA: simple and revolutionary

25 different exercises in a single tool, maximum versatility, elegant lines and a new ergonomic approach. Since its conception in 1986, UNICA has been perceived as both simple and revolutionary. Simple in its compact design and in both ease and safety of use, guaranteed to all types of end users thorough its refined biomechanics and easy starting system. Revolutionary in its ability to include a complete training offer in a single object of reduced dimensions and in beginning a new ground-breaking phase for the entire wellness sector: home fitness.
Simplicity and a look at the contemporary remind us of Giò Ponti, the great architect and designer and when he designed the ‘Superleggera’ chair in 1955, to date his most famous piece. Eliminate the superfluous, light and facilitate use, overturn the canons of time to create a contemporary product that is strongly linked to the past. He himself defined it as a "simple chair". It was not difficult to understand that, despite its simplicity, it was much more.

UNICA: functionality first of all

A single piece of furniture, yet still a gym. When Nerio Alessandri, founder and president of Technogym, designed UNICA he wanted to overcome the challenge of executing a high number of exercises through one single tool, which was also easy to use. Functionality first, yet without neglecting aesthetics.
A story that closely recalls the conception of the "Arco" lamp, created by two names that have made the history of Italian design: Pier Giacomo and Achille Castiglioni for Flos. In 1962, the two designers were faced with the challenge of designing a pendant lamp that wouldn’t be suspended from the ceiling, could be easily moved to different living spaces and could easily reach an electrical outlet, whilst still providing light from above. All the benefits of a floor lamp, as well as with all the benefits of a chandelier: not an easy task. The solution to the problem soon turned into design history: a curved arch, high enough to allow a person to walk under it, with a steel dome suspended and supported by a block of decadent Carrara marble. Highest functionality in a perfect mix of unexpected beauty.

UNICA: an antidote to monotony

By allowing you to perform so many different exercises, UNICA has in its versatility another element of great value: to be particularly motivating in its use. A single object, always the same, which will never be monotonous.

UNICA: a miniature architecture

Versatility, compact and elegant design, functionality and ease of use. At this point it would perhaps not even be necessary to repeat it: UNICA by Technogym never ceases to amaze thanks to the amount of details and possibilities it offers. If it was not clear that you are talking about fitness equipment, you would think of a complex architectural project, with extreme precision takes in consideration the function of each element and, at the same time, the overall aesthetics.
Just two years before the birth of UNICA, the "La Conica" Espresso Coffee Maker designed by Aldo Rossi for Alessi was a like an architectural project. A cylinder as the main body and a cone-shaped roof: two very simple elements that are enough to complete what has gone down in history as "miniature architecture". An all-Italian micro-architecture: where could a "coffee palace" have been built, if not in Italy?

UNICA: elegance and character

As already mentioned, UNICA represented and continues to represent a true revolution. Thanks to Technogym, for the first time the gym entered the house with a piece that, on its own, was destined to give character to any domestic living space.

Not just an object of great utility, but a piece of design capable of modifying the style and atmosphere of a room.

Something similar can be said about a few products, but another Italian excellence is undoubtedly one of them: the Smeg FAB fridge, which shares with UNICA the vocation of being the true protagonist of any living space. UNICA is made with high quality materials and is one of those pieces that have contributed to the global affirmation of the "Made in Italy" as synonym of excellence.

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