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Travel workout with Wellness à la carte

by Gabriele Ferraresi
For some time, the trend of wellness on the go has led the hotel structures to develop their offer in order to satisfy the desire for the well-being of guests, also thanks to tailor-made solutions. The main reason is to retain customers who care about their psycho-physical balance and who choose to come back more often to facilities equipped with gyms or sports equipment. As an example, building a wellness experience starts from the centre of the guest experience, the room: It is no longer enough to insert a treadmill in a corner to be able to say "wellness".

Wellness à la carte: a taylored workout experience

It is necessary to rethink the environments at 360°, working on the front of the materials, the organisation of the space and the perception of the final customer: perhaps with a light design that can be customised and renewed thanks to simple home automation devices.
Wellness à la carte represents a further step forward in this concept: to allow the customer to choose the preferred training methods and order them in the privacy of their room, thanks to multimedia tools and smart equipment that are easily transportable. At any time of the day, guests can choose how to stay in harmony with their bodies, even in their rooms, according to their schedules and needs.

Travel workout with Technogym Tools

Practicing a sport, being well and keeping fit while travelling, keeping fit even during your stay at the hotel, in the comfort of your own room: these are the desires that hoteliers of today and tomorrow will have to satisfy. Wellness Tools from Technogym only use the highest quality materials and are very convenient to take on a trip. You don’t have to stop training even when you are on holiday. Suitable for toning, strengthening and flexibility of the body, they are ideal for training independently.
The Pyramid of Lifestyle Wellness is a visual guide developed by the Wellness Foundation in collaboration with the Research and Development Department of Technogym, which details in a simple graph all the components that contribute to the achievement of psycho-physical well-being through three main drives: movement, nutrition and, indeed, mental approach.

If diet and exercise increase in quantity and complexity, the pyramid proposes the correct complementary dosage of movement and nutrition over a typical week: from what you need to practice or take more frequently, to what is useful, but serves less. The mental approach is necessary for a balanced life based on constant exercise and proper nutrition.

The Wellness Bag was born as a real travel gym for its small size and ease of use, especially because it can fit inside a suitcase. Inside there are elastic bands of various sizes that allow you to reduce or increase the resistance, the degree of difficulty and intensity of the exercises, and various accessories that allow you to train all muscle groups.

Wellness Rack is a weight kit for domestic use that allows you to achieve your fitness goals. Thanks to its design, it is also particularly suitable for hotels or offices, guaranteeing training at all times and in all places.

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