Train at home: a new habit in the daily routine

Train at home requires a lot of willpower considering all the distractions we have at our disposal. The secret? Having a clear routine and taking time for yourself.

Now it’s on you. If you want to make it happens you better get into a good routine and see that it gets done. As companies revolutionize platforms and equipment to train from home, there is no better time to start your home training journey. For any fitness journey, you will agree, routine is everything. Once in motion, this routine will take away decision fatigue, making your new habits autonomous and rewards all the more prosperous. Firstly, we need to make your environment for training synonymous with your needs as the athlete of your own journey.

Step 1: Have a plan

Dr Gail Matthew, from the Dominican University in California, lead a study with 270 participants on goal-setting which found that participants were 42% more likely to achieve what they set out to do when it was written down.

Write down your training like any other tasks on your list for the day and take great satisfaction in ticking it off. If you are used to training in the morning before work, make a plan the night before and write it down. It doesn’t have to be the best, or the prettiest, just start.

Step 2: Choose your workout

Once you have chosen your time of day to work out, you can either follow a pre-set program or choose according to the body part you want to train, the time and the equipment. It is very important to understand how to organize your workouts during the week, so as not to overload the same body part and to give variety to your training session.

Step 3: Set up to win

You have your plan. Is it feasible with the space and equipment you have? Where’s the best place for your workout? It’s going to be much easier to go into ‘gym mode’ when you’re working out in a different room to your bedroom or office.

Having gym space is a luxury so if it is tight, set up your gym, then leave the room for step 3. When you come back in its time to work.

Step 4: The work

If you are going at it alone I urge you to keep it simple and learn how to move well for your body and your mind. Exercise stimulates endorphins, a hit of hormones that make you feel amazing for the rest of the day. So, if you’ve got just a yoga mat and resistance band to your disposal, learn how to move efficiently and a buzz for your efforts.

Once you fall in love with your new home training routine, which you will with these tips, the next step is to invest. Invest more time and intensity into your sessions. Only at this point, when you’re progressing further than your basic set up, it’s time to upgrade your home gym so that your training can continue to progress both in load and variation.

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