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Technogym: Wellness combined with sustainability

Wellness has always represented Technogym's inspiring philosophy; that applies not only to business but also reflects the company's social commitment to proposing a more sustainable development model based on people's health. Promoting wellness and people's health cannot ignore the pursuit of environmental sustainability, and at Technogym the two themes have always moved hand in hand.

The Technogym Village, the world's first wellness campus and Technogym's headquarters, is based on this combination and has been designed and conceived to be, on the one hand, a unique workplace and, on the other, an example in terms of sustainability.

Inaugurated in 2012, the Technogym Village reflects the vision of President Nerio Alessandri and Vice President Pierluigi Alessandri who, in collaboration with architect Antonio Citterio, have conceptualised a place where lifestyle, quality, design and productivity meet. The Campus, that occupies an area of over 60,000 m² within a 150,000 m² site and comprises a cultural centre, an innovation lab and a production centre where employees, customers, suppliers and guests alike from all over the world can live first-hand the true experience of Wellness.
The Technogym Village has been conceived to follow both eco-sustainability and bio-architecture. Its design and environs are therefore the results of thought-through choices to reduce waste and reuse materials. Every cubic metre of land, in fact, has been recovered from the initial excavations to create a natural barrier that extends for about 800 metres, parallel to the highway. This offers two main advantages: a visual one, since the sinuous shape is in line with the roof line of the building, and a practical one, because it acts as a soundproofing partition.
As for the structure made of wood and glass, there are countless details that make the difference. Firstly, its excellent thermal insulation ensures cool working areas during summer and warm ones in winter, while minimising heath consumption thanks to the natural mechanism of heat transfer. Furthermore, it highly performs in terms of delivering lighting quality as the building is oriented to follow the sun’s path, from dawn to dusk.

The factory's air conditioning system represents a real excellence as it is one of the first examples conceived for an industrial plant at European level. Its design follows the criteria of sustainability and low environmental impact, while guaranteeing maximum comfort for employees.

Care and sustainability are parts of a culture that Technogym has always supported and promoted. Therefore, a number of simple actions are constantly encouraged throughout the working day which, when added up, can generate a real change. Some examples are a recycling scheme in both the factory and offices, a scheme to reduce plastic use through special water dispensers accessible to all employees to refill water bottles and a limit in the use of printers to avoid wasting paper.

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