Technogym Interior Design Event in Barcelona

Main voice of the global spread of a healthy lifestyle at 360 degrees, Technogym promotes our homes as the ultimate evolution of Wellness. The environment around us has a decisive impact on health and fitness, as well as an important psychological influence on moods, motivation and habits.

Designing custom homes for wellness

At the beginning of the 1990s, two trends emerged in the construction industry. On the one hand, the improvement of the spaces in which we live and the creation of virtual communities thanks to new technologies (e.g. sensors, augmented reality, artificial intelligence). On the other hand, a responsible and sustainable architecture in order to minimize the use of resources and the environmental impact. The Wellness Real Estate represents the most recent evolution of these trends: residences and neighbourhoods designed to maximize human health and quality of life.
Wellness is integrated into houses, so improving the daily lifestyle. This is the principle promoted by Technogym, both inside and outside the Wellness community. Technogym solutions represent true pieces of furniture and design to be exhibited for their refined lines and high-quality finishes. The emblem is Personal Line, a collection created by the design guru Antonio Citterio, in which forms, technology and functionality are perfectly combined to take their place with style in the most luxurious domestic environments.
This value proposition is complemented by the offer of Technogym Interior Design services: the opportunity to design and develop unique Wellness areas supported by a dedicated Technogym team realizing 2D plans and 3D renders. Technogym has defined the Golden Rules which place the individual at the center of the architectural expression in all its elements (materials, lighting, distances, layout, etc.).

Technogym Interior Design Event in Barcelona

Thus, Technogym has developed the idea of the Interior Design Event led aimed at spreading the Wellness philosophy and its correlations with the design world. In the scenic context of the Hotel Arts in Barcelona, exponents of leading architecture and design studios were invited to compete in a Run Challenge, experimenting the exclusive design and comfort of Run Personal. A Technogym personal trainer also illustrated the innovative technology of Kinesis Personal, which allows to move in the three dimensions of space activating all the kinetic chains of the body.
After having tried the equipment and enjoyed a healthy breakfast, the attendees explored the main Wellness trends applied on buildings, focusing on projects for private residences. Indeed, according to the Global Wellness Institute, Wellness Real Estate is a global industry that reached $134 billion, with an average annual growth of 6.4% since 2015. It is estimated that it will keep growing at this growth rate also in the coming years, reaching $180 billion in 2022. Technogym can be considered as the leading partner of architects and interior designers for the end-to-end development of high added-value projects.

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