Families train at home with Technogym Bike

My name is Alberto, 41 years old, I am the marketing director of an outdoor furniture brand in the province of Padua, Italy. My wife's name is Silvia and she works in a communications agency. Our daughter Allegra is now 9 years old.

The first time we have heard of Technogym Bike was from a friend who knows my passion for indoor cycling classes. When the lockdown was confirmed, I immediately wanted to find out more about it and quickly realized it is highly innovative, it offers premium content, ideal for the fun and fitness of the entire family.

Why I chose Technogym Bike

Having a connected and digital indoor bike with a subscription was the ideal solution for our training at home. Technogym Bike is a great tool that can make Allegra understand what it means to do physical activity in a home environment. After being sure that the product had all the specifics we need, I decided to buy it. We have been very lucky because they shipped us on the last available day before the lockdown: we therefore spent our quarantine keeping in shape with our training.

When we decided to buy Technogym Bike, we were already thinking where to place it at home. We first thought to position it in our open-plan living area since the bike has a clean and sleek design. It could be used comfortably in the living room of the house and, at the same time, furnish the space.

In the end we opted for our home gym studio, already equipped with some tools. Technogym Bike fits perfectly and I can work out when my wife is watching TV at night or when I wake up early in the morning as I get to the studio without disturbing anyone. Set up of process of the bike was immediate as I always log in with the mywellness app when I train at the gym. I had already seen the tutorial videos on YouTube showing the correct positioning of the saddle and handlebars, the distance between the two etc.

My favourite trainer is Enrica: she said hello to our whole family during a lesson!

After the initial adjustment settings, I logged in the app by scanning the QR code to connect my account. It took only 30 minutes from the moment it was installed to then jump on my the first training session!

Change your training habits according to your daily schedule is one of the great pluses of Technogym Bike at home. Whilst I prefer to work out in the morning, my wife uses her lunch break or some time the afternoon and my daughter before dinner.

Virgin Revolution scheduled one live class per day during lockdown so I would join at 1.30 pm or 6.30 pm. I then alternated a 30-minute workout with a 50-minute one. I love Cycle Burn and Cycle Run, while my wife prefers Spirit and Burn.

I have already had everything I need because I had already taken part in indoor cycling classes. Shoes, trousers, T-shirts and heart rate monitors are among the items I need for proper training. With Technogym Bike you can pair different devices via Bluetooth. I track all my fitness routines with my Apple Watch, plus I use the headset so don’t disturb the family. My wife connects the bike to our stereo system and has the speakers at full volume.

Sport with the family: the Technogym Bike effect

I was the only one in my family who played sports before Technogym Bike arrived at home. Now the whole family has committed to training at least three times a week.  Allegra enjoys it very much because she does it safely and interactively, she feels part of a fitness family routine and she’s proud to achieve her goals. Trainers are very smart with a strong presence on social networks. If you have questions about training, they will answer very quickly.

Training with Technogym Bike is a source of pride for her.

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