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Sun-Kissed Anchovies

It could be a lesson of zumba to start the day and then some pilates. Or maybe it’s an hour of yoga and then some indoor cycling to finish. Whatever gets you going in the morning, correct nutrition between one workout to another is a must to achieve your goals.
More than ever, today's recipe is dedicated to sportsmen and women and also to the sea and one of its most precious gifts...

Fish in depth

A versatile and light food that is above all rich in nutrients. The chemical composition of fish is 60-80% water and 15-25% protein easily digestible thanks to the absence of connective tissue. The concentration of lipids changes significantly between the various types of fish (from 0.5 to 22%) and for this reason the fish are divided into lean, semi-fat and fat. The age, reproductive cycle and nutritional habits of the individual types vary the amount of lipids contained within. In addition to lipids we find triglycerides, phospholipids and cholesterol. Vitamin A, D and other sterols are widely present.

Fish fat is better known as a 'good' fat because it contains a higher percentage of unsaturated fatty acids than meat fat. Carbohydrates are only present in small traces. Fish is also high in phosphorus, calcium and iodine as well as B vitamins and vitamin E. Blue fish is therefore an essential element of the winning formula that is the Mediterranean diet.

Anchovies, flavour and sustainability

Anchovies and sardines, in particular, are the queens of the category because, in addition to boasting the best nutritional characteristics, they are very tasty, very easy to clean and cook, cheap and, above all, sustainable. Their abundant presence throughout the Mediterranean Sea makes it possible to buy them from small local businesses that respect the criteria of environmental sustainability and product quality.

In addition to zinc they contain selenium, iron, many proteins and vitamin A and Omega 3. They are the beneficial substances that make anchovies richer which impacts positively on health, longevity and even beauty. Indeed, because these fatty acids not only effectively combat cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases (osteoarthritis, Alzheimer's Parkinson's...), they also visibly improve the appearance of skin and hair.

We’re going to match the fish to a vegetable that makes you think of a typical Mediterranean summer, the eggplant or aubergine. The vegetable produces an irresistible melting consistency and abandons its bitterish aftertaste, releasing a range of complex flavours ranging from sweet and sour to balsamic tones that recall a liquorice element in perfect combination with the flavour of anchovies.To underline the all-Italian feel of the dish we add the Piccadilly tomatoes that give a slightly acid touch and at the same time a sweet and familiar flavour. And the pistachios, which are smoothed with extra virgin olive oil, provide the good fats needed to maintain a high energy level until the evening.

Last recommendation: If possible, eat this dish under the sun's rays to get your fill of vitamin D and serotonin. It will help you keep a smile even when you are doing the 100th burpee in your exercise class.

Ingredients for 4 people
6 Fresh anchovies fillets per person
50 gr little tomatoes
2 Eggplants
40 g of pistachios
40 ml of extra virgin olive oil
1 pinch of brown sugar
Thyme to taste
Salt as required
Pepper to taste

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