How to Start Preparing for the Summer Season

Summer is coming and it's obvious that some of our daily routines will be affected by some changes. Here are a few tips to help you maintain your healthy habits during this season.

Sunsets and wine bars. Late-night runs and dining outside. The breath of summer approaching is always exciting. But with the nights getting longer and holidays booked in, how can you start prepping now to be at your best for the summer months?

Here’s your guide for how to sail into summer feeling awesome.

Move Your Body Outdoors

This sounds like an obvious start but so often neglected. Dependent on where you’re based, the darkest months of the year are now behind us. When was the last time you felt sunlight on your face?

Take the opportunity to get outside daily. Maybe that's more outdoor running, or even a walk on your lunch break? Just taking a walk can be a welcomed day to break up the day, put a podcast or audiobook in your ears or just watch the world go by. Either way, it’ll put you in an awesome mood for the rest of the day and get a healthy glow on your skin.

Eat Seasonal Food That Makes You Feel Great

Summer is synonymous with making an effort to eat healthier food that makes your body look and feel great. Although there’s no such thing as the perfect plate here’s a good start:

  • Aim for a quarter of your plate to be lean protein (summer barbecues are great for this game)
  • Start shopping locally. Local fruit and vegetable markets are the best way to find out what is fresh and best in season near you. Great nutrition is not only going to have you feeling great but is also satiating to fill you up for longer if you’re aiming to get back in shape.

Have a Routine That Serves You

With more social occasions on the horizon, always the first things to slip are the things that keep us at our happiest and healthiest. Morning routines, evening routines, daily meditation and how often you get a great training session in are all essential parts of a happy life. Take some time to identify what tasks are the most valuable to you. How can you ensure that no matter what the occasion or how busy life gets, you always find a way to get these tasks ticked off?

The summer season is all about nourishing your body with all the best parts of life. Great movement, great people and great food. Some sunshine, a holiday and a tan definitely help too!

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