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The secrets of Stan Wawrinka's backhand

Its hammered backhand hit in flight is the weapon that all opponents fear. Stanislas - but for all Stan Wawrinka, born in 1985, three times the winner of a Grand Slam tournament (the only thing missing from the palmares is the Wimbledon grass), is one of the most experienced and hardest players to beat in the APT Tour circuit. A monumental built (183 cm, 81 kg), the power of Stanimal - a nickname that says a lot about him - can reach peaks of 234 km/h, he has an extremely solid right serve and an excellent sensitivity under the net, where he pierces his opponents with ruthless volleys. Give him a red clay court and he will certainly always put anyone in trouble: but although he has never won a tournament on grass, the Swiss player of Polish origin has a fearsome game, as he amply demonstrated in 2014 when he reached the quarter-finals at Wimbledon and was defeated by his compatriot Roger Federer.
In the other Slam tournaments, he won over Rafael Nadal at the 2014 Australian Open and finished at number 1 in the Novak Đjoković ranking at both the 2015 Roland Garros and the 2016 US Open. His coach and former tennis player Magnus Norman says of him: "Without a doubt, Stan Wawrinka is one of the best players on the circuit. If you look at his record, you can see that he managed to win the three Slam titles with all the 'Fab Four' players present. There have been ups and downs, but he has shown that he can beat all these opponents when he is in top form. This makes him an extraordinary player, who gives everything on the field and fights until the end". Which means making the difference between a good tennis player and a champion.

We interviewed Stan and poked around in his training habits and we couldn't help but ask him what is the secret to having a deadly backhand like his, whether he does special exercises or what particular training he does.

Your backhand is legendary, tell us your reasons, how it became so famous? Do you practice special exercises or workout for it?
My backhand is something I have worked on my whole life, like the rest of my game. I think it’s like anything in life, nothing is an overnight success. It’s taken years and years of me spending time on court fine-tuning every little detail. It takes hard work and belief in myself that one day it will be one of my best shots.
How much does gym training count for your career? And how important is it in your life?
Gym training is a huge part of my life and career. Tennis is an extremely physical sport and if my body is not in the right condition, results won't come. Everything I do in the gym is done for a purpose: to be in top form when on the court and compete against the best in the world.
Has anything changed in your training routine since you've been using Technogym products?
Training with Technogym products has allowed me to continuously vary my routine and train at the highest level. The range of products is incredible and I think you need to mix your training to keep improving. Technogym gives me the luxury of training both at home or in the gym with some of the best products in the world.
Technogym offers an ecosystem that is unique in the industry, providing the end-user with a personalized training experience that is accessible everywhere, both on the equipment and in everyday life. Among the Technogym products chosen by Stan, there is Wellness Rack, the elegant and functional weights kit with an attractive design, ideal for strength training of all muscle groups, Wellness Ball and Skilltool kit, the set of tools designed to support and perfect all types of training such as mobility, warm-up, training, and fatigue. The Skilltool kit is the perfect ally to any exercise aimed at developing working ability and improving athletic skills.
Can you tell us about your typical daily training routine?
My daily routine varies depending on whether I am playing in a tournament or in a training phase. These are two very different ways. While playing in a tournament, my physical activity off the pitch is based on recovery, taking care of my body and making sure it is in the best possible shape before going on the pitch in the next match. When I train, however, many of my workouts are based on endurance and strength work.
What does working with Technogym means to you?
It means a lot to me. I've always been a big fan of Technogym products and have used its equipment for years. Today, being an ambassador for Technogym and being able to use these products on a daily basis makes my training program more complete and stronger.
Can you comment on Technogym Bike?
I really liked it. Technogym did an incredible job with this bike. It creates a fantastic experience and makes me have fun while I work hard.

Technogym Bike is the first product of the Technogym Live platform, which offers you the most engaging indoor cycling classes at home, at the hotel, at the gym, or in the office, live or on-demand, from fitness studios in different cities around the world.

From the Technogym Bike console, you can choose your favorite channel, according to trainer, music, duration, and participate in live classes or select them from the extensive on-demand library. The channels offer you training sessions from various studios in various languages and cultures: from Milan, with Revolution by Virgin Active, from London with 1Rebel and in the future, content produced directly by Technogym and other studios in Europe, the United States, and Asia will be available.
Are passion and training the real key to success?
They are certainly an important part. But you also need to believe and have self-confidence in order to realise your dreams and aspirations: the only way to achieve that faith and conviction is to train harder than all your opponents and to push relentlessly to achieve the best.
His most important victories include the doubles tournament at the Beijing Olympics with Roger Federer (2008) and the Davis Cup with the Swiss team (2014). It should also be noted that "Stanimal" would probably have won more if he had not been penalized by a series of injuries in recent years, the most serious of which required knee surgery (in 2017) and a subsequent slow rehabilitation, but not before reaching the Paris final of Roland Garros against Nadal.

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