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Improving sports performance, frame by frame

Increasingly, coaches, sports technicians, sports scientists and doctors, as well as the industry media, are taking advantage of the new opportunities offered by slow motion technology to analyze the movements, gestures and positions of athletes on the field in detail, as well as interactions with teammates and opponents.

In a competitive context in which the thousandth of a second makes the difference - as well as the millimeter and the milligram - using your body in the best possible way, thanks to the use of advanced technologies, is no longer just a plus, but a sine qua non.

Once all this was not possible, because slow motion was the exclusive prerogative of very high-end devices, but cameras available today on the market lend themselves to these needs, and where the shot does not come the Artificial Intelligence and machine learning do. Slomo, cutting-edge technologies, artificial intelligence: technological innovation allows great improvements in sports performance.

Sensors in fitness and sport

In fitness and sport, performance monitoring is essential, also thanks to smart equipment that allows effective and safe training even during retraining or rehabilitation. Thanks to the real-time feedback, the Skill Line equipment offers a fundamental contribution to a process of performance improvement. In addition, thanks to mywellness, the connected and personalised training experience guides you to achieving sports, fitness and health results in an easy, fast and fun way.
To train like a real athlete, monitoring the salient aspects of sports performance, there is Skill Line, the Technogym product line designed with the help of Olympic champions and with the competition written in DNA.  With Skill Line, the toughest rival you'll have to face is you. Designed to help athletes beat their own limits, Skill Line is your indoor track, where you can train like a professional.

Skillrun sensors for movement in running

For lovers of performance running, Skillrun 7000 provides valuable information about your running efficiency. Its sensors, the most accurate ever installed on a treadmill, can detect the slightest difference between the movement of the right leg compared to the left, to remedy any imbalances.
With visual feedback and intelligent metric detection, Skillrun helps in the process of improving your ride. With Skillrun 7000, running on a treadmill can no longer be an alternative but can improve the quality of training in individual and team sports.

With Skillrow app you can monitor your indoor training

Not only running, even monitoring rowing has never been easier thanks to the Skillrow App. Through the app, you can track all your training data on the Skillrow rowing machine and get an overview of your performance in real time. You can analyse the rowing curve and check power, cadence, peak strength and rowing length. Custom workouts, workout results and heart rate monitoring are just a few of the metrics tracking options in the Skillrow App.
Heart rate tracking devices are critical to assessing training intensity and cardiovascular performance. The Skillrow app can connect to your device and give you a detailed overview of your heart rate performance throughout your workout.

Your wellness lifestyle frame by frame on mywellness

With mywellness you can track all your activities in the gym or outdoors, measuring the kilometers covered and calories burned. Mywellness is the only ecosystem for a connected fitness user experience that has redefined access to the world of wellness and health. The Digital Fitness Revolution in daily training. Users can easily manage their lifestyle, data and training programs. Anywhere and anytime on both equipment and smartphones.  This is the only way they can enjoy a totally personalised Wellness on the Go experience.

Action cam, when the athlete is a cameraman of himself

Wearable cameras, for example, are increasingly carving out space in sports: their ability to bring the viewer into the heart of the competition is the main advantage offered by these devices. But you don't have to limit yourself to the moment of the competition: the cameras are also used massively during training. Making a movement dozens of times in front of a target is part of the training that, however, now also provides space for the analysis of slow-motion footage.
Already many athletes, in many different disciplines, have significantly improved their performance in precision. The human eye can't grasp the detail of the movement, but these cameras can and are the basic tool for many coaches who must correct the movements of their athletes. It is precisely from these analyses that it is possible to identify the wrong movements, the slowness of a shot or the wrong position on the playing field. In this way it is possible to correct the posture, train the reaction speed or better understand which area to cover in team sports.
In these cases, the use of slow motion is particularly functional: during a performance, in fact, an athlete is oriented to the result and pays less attention to the position to be held (both at the level of posture or grip) and compared to other players. In the training phase, on the contrary, there is plenty of time to devote to the correction of movements, position and how to be ready to give your best in a sprint. In these circumstances, image analysis is particularly useful: the errors highlighted become a starting point for improving performance.
Correcting badly positioned movements is not only a way to improve your performance; it is also a way to reduce injuries. Realising that you're doing the wrong rotation before this injury to your tendons or muscles is certainly important, especially for athletes engaged in competitive competitions.
Action cams (or sports cameras) have become very popular in recent years, even among those who practice sports at a non-competitive level, because they are compact and durable and designed for sports in extreme conditions.
All sportsmen and women who wear a helmet (from snowboarders to cyclists) can easily attach the sports camera (on their head, chest or arm) and film their performances. Ideal accessories for sportsmen and women include supports for helmets, bicycles, chest straps and swimming goggles.

AI e machine learning per lo slow motion

Where shooting does not arrive, technology arrives: there is a technique to create the slow motion effect by taking two successive frames and "imagining" the movement between one and the other by creating the intermediate frames of the sequence.

This technique is particularly useful when you have access to old videos or television footage: observing and studying athletes at work is certainly useful, but being able to access their movements in slow motion is definitely a plus.

At this point it's the public who make a sequence and immortalize the movements of the footballer or the perfect shot.

But the artificial intelligence and robotics are becoming more and more important in the management of these cameras during sports events: they are able to follow a camera with a specific player for the whole duration of a game, they can pick up details and coordinate with the other cameras, reaching to follow the single players of a team for the whole duration of a game, offering different unique points of view that, until now, could not be obtained with a limited number of cameras.
A new point of view for spectators is also offered by the cameras positioned in the football fields, right in the corner: a particular point of view especially if the fans who activate the camera through the use of Twitter and a specific hashtag start the shots. At this point, it's the public that creates a sequence and immortalises the movements of the footballer or the perfect shot.

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