Holiday II: homecoming

The end of our summer is fast approaching and as we head into September, it is time to think about new and fresh ideas to invigorate areas of your everyday life. And it doesn’t stop there. With September being labelled as the “New January”, why not exaggerate a bit and make new important resolutions for the months to come?

There could actually be no better time to do this throughout the year, as you come back feeling rejuvenated from summer holiday and have the final stretch of the year ahead filled with the daily routine before the next break. So, why not start with a benchmark of New Year’s resolutions like getting back in shape with a vengeance and create some “you time” wholly dedicated to wellness in the meantime?

It’s the most wonderful time for training

September through to November is indeed a great time to target a new weight loss and exercise routine, before the hedonist season of Christmas and New Year begins. Nonetheless, this by no means equals an easy start for your training, especially after weeks of missed exercise and with the shock of coming back to your normal life.  Fortunately, some tips and tricks can help you put your plans in motion and fulfil your September’s resolutions.

Constant and slow-paced exercise

Try to make a commitment to exercise for 30 minutes a day. You do not have to go full throttle and lift 100 kilos at the gym on your first go, but rather take some time off from your desk, work or usual chores and do some exercise. Doing short and daily workout sessions is in fact a great method to initiate your body to training and stimulate your metabolism. If you got used to morning jogging while on holiday, then running with no clear objective, other than enjoying yourself, is a great option.
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In case you are already a sportsman, then the suggestion is to slow down your workout routine and get the summer “rust” off your muscles, get them used to fatigue once more and bring them back to their pre-summer level. Despite the fact that it may look like a downgrade of a training regime to many, a slow start reduces the risks of traumatic injuries. As opposed to a drop in training intensity, you could also create a whole new “post summer workout” which also works really well. To that end, using Technogym’s mywellness app provides a fast, engaging and customised method to create your own workout routine.

Search for new experiences

The notion that holiday is the only period to try something new needs to be abandoned for good. When it comes to training, late August and September is the perfect time to start a new sport or workout. With new training formats, sports and fitness programs emerging every year, the options are limitless.
However, it may be that occasionally there are serious time constraints, which limit what a person can actually do. The nice thing about new experiences is that sometimes you only have to move as far as your balcony or backyard to start some new form of training. For example, training with a WELLNESS BALL offers various workout solutions for the whole body, whereas Kinesis Personal offers more than 200 kinds of functional exercises, which you can do in your living area.

Strive for wellness

Wellness does not come only from sport and physical activity. Wellness is in fact a combination of a positive mental attitude and a healthy lifestyle. You will find out that it may be easier than it seems. Think about the things you loved during your holiday and see if, to a certain extent, they can be replicated and assimilated into your daily routine. For example, try to cook that dish you fell in love with while on holiday, find beautiful places in your home city to explore, perhaps while you are jogging, keep reading books while listening to your favourite music.
Quality time does not have to be long, but it is important to make every minute of it worthwhile.

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