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Peter Fill: the importance of training

Margherita Granbassi

Olympic sensations for my debut on this portal: I have to interview Peter Fill, the recent winner of the Combined World Cup (Free Descent and Slalom), and with two World Cups already on the wall, he is a real ski legend.  I met him at the start for Pyeongchang, his fourth Olympics. I am excited: in a short while I will meet a great athlete who is experiencing moments that are familiar to me, strong and difficult to describe and that at this moment seem to make me reminisce.
I arrived at Alpe di Siusi, where Peter grew up, and I was immediately enchanted by the beauty of the landscape. During the meeting with the crew to organize the interview a message arrives. It's Peter: "I'm not good, unfortunately I'm afraid I won't be able to come tomorrow."
I don't know him but, despite a first freezing moment, I never thought that the next day he would not come to the appointment. And in fact, the next day, he arrives on time, smiling and cold, in the lobby of the magnificent hotel that hosts us, greeted with enthusiasm by staff and small fans.
We introduce ourselves and, as often happens to me when I shake hands for the first time to an athlete, the feeling is to know each other, as if the emotions and experiences felt with sport made both of us part of a big family.
He is worried that his coughing might disturb the shooting; we take a cappuccino and start with the interview.

"I started skiing in my home's garden"

I ask him to describe his mountains and I immediately feel the transport of those places that have lived them intensely enough to know every corner, every stone, every tree. It is immediately clear that he nourishes a sense of gratitude for the places that shaped him in the sample that is today. Here he wore his skis for the first time and I have fun listening to him as he tells of when he was a child, when he was out of school he ran home, launched the briefcase and started to grind descents with his friends first, with the coaches then.
From his uncle's bodywork to the uniforms of the Carabinieri Sports Centre, to crown his dream of becoming a champion.

What strikes me is his serenity.
Peter, but tomorrow parts for your fourth Olympics, you have influence and we are 'annoying' you, how can you be so serene? And with the light in his eyes he starts to tell of the family, the secret of his success and above all of his happiness.
His wife and children are his "powerbank", when he is at home, he accumulates the energy he needs to get down at 140km/h (his wife and mother to his children covers her eyes) on tracks around the world. He lives in a beautiful house with a view and tries to spend as little time away as possible from his wife Manuela and little Leon and Noah. He also reenergizes with gym time.

The hard training of Peter Fill

I'm curious to know how you train off the track, what exercises and machines are needed to improve performance. You are not indifferent to the quadriceps of a skier, there are carved sacrifices, strength, power, reactivity. I want to know which part the spectator gets lost when he attends the race. Peter trained in the snow for hours, but he spends as many hours in the gym with his sweaty face making the effort that builds his muscles and draws dreams.  Cable station, leg press and bench are the theatre of perfectly executed movements that train strength, bike to improve endurance, wellness ball to find balance and concentration.
In the living room I draw my attention to the shelves with its many shimmering trophies, cups and medals arranged in order.
One is missing. There's always a lack of one medal on an athletes' shelf, one that you haven't won, just the one that motivates you to compete again.

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