Champions Train With Technogym: Oliver Zeidler

My first ever Olympic memory is from when I was leafing through all the books of past edition Games, trying to find photos of my grandfather. We’d then all sit around the fire, and he would tell stories about those magical summers, all the hard work and the medals.”

Olympic rower Oliver Zeidler’s voice is deep and calm, almost as if it came from an ancient era. It seems so full of wisdom and steeped in knowledge passed down from generation to generation.
So perhaps, it is because this young German rower has an incredible family history, background and genetic makeup. His grandfather, Hans-Johann Färber won Olympic rowing gold during the 1972  Munich Games, an edition that also unfortunately went down in history for the terrible Black September tragedy.
Born in 1996, Olivier’s respect  and authentic passion for the tradition of Olympic history has formed distinctive and fundamental aspects of his character and identity. The events that occurred during the 1972 Munich games, his generational ties to rowing and strong family culture have inspired this Olympic hopeful to become a real dreamer in all respects.
As a small child, (although he was never small in stature), Olivier’s first love was swimming. This aquatic sport that always interacts with natural elements, nature, the outdoors, and competition, with the Olympics as the grand dream. Oliver showed signs of greatness as a promising specialist in free style, becoming Germany's National Junior Champion and almost taking part in the Rio Games of 2016.

Refusing to accept ‘almost taking part’ as destiny, Olivier reflected long and hard in search of a new source of motivation and passion. He ended up finding it the folds of his family rowing tradition. Even though he was starting from scratch, it was a natural fit and Olivier began dedicating body, mind and soul  24/7 to rowing. “I knew my tank wasn’t out of gas. I had more to do and say in the world of sports.”

Completely changing to a different athletic discipline is a complex affair to say the least. The later in age the transition occurs, the greater the difficulties. Muscles have memory and to reprogram and re-train them to a new set of movements requires a great deal of will, determination, effort and hard work.

Willingness is a good start, of course, but it is not enough on its own, and it was pure and simple work, hard work, which is a basic pillar of Zeidler's favourite discipline, that enabled him to really get to the top: "sometimes you feel the pain in your muscles. You feel the hard work suddenly hit you. But then at the end, almost magically, when you have earned your place in an important final, everything comes back. Everything makes sense and you can finally show what you can do and what you are worth."

In record time, Oliver soon became the man to beat. In Europe he won two consecutive continental championships in Lucerne and Varese and caught global attention when he took a gold Medal at Ottensheim World Championships in 2019. With this unprecedented lightning-fast rise to the top that caused an unexpected upset in the world ranking for rowing, it soon became clear that this young German had his sights set on Olympic glory.

As the Tokyo 2020 Games approach, his name resonates as a medal favorite. Incredibly, Oliver manages to find solace and treasure in this crazy pressure. “At the moment, my only thoughts are to go to Japan and do everything to the best of my ability, down to the smallest detail. It is a goal, but moreover it would be a  real dream to win a gold medal just like my grandfather, so I too can author my own Olympic chapter in the great book of our family.”

So, if this happens and if he really succeeds, next time when his grandfather tells stories of Olympic greatness around the fire, the baton will surely pass on directly to Olivier.

At the base of Oliver Zeildler’s success are numerous hours of training, the determining factor for an effective performance.
The European rowing champion, whose physical strength and lightning speed are his winning cards during competition, chooses to train with Skillrow, the indoor rowing product that improves anaerobic power, aerobic capacity and neuromuscular function in just one solution.

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For strength, endurance and stability training out of the water, Oliver Zeidler uses Technogym dumbbells. Discover the training in the programme section of Technogym App.

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