Morning Recovery: the "cure" for the hangover made in Korea

Superfoods have become a real obsession amongst the growing number of wellness “addicts” amongst us.

And now from South Korea to Silicon Valley comes the drink that promises to cure the after-effects of evenings that come with a high alcohol content.

It's one of those cases where the story of how it happened is perhaps even more interesting than what happened. Undoubtedly, the story of its inventor is much of the charm of Morning Recovery, if only because, to bring his creature to the forefront of the market, Sisun Lee has chosen to leave his coveted job as an engineer in Tesla.

A holiday in his home country of South Korea was at the origin of the idea and the one that would change his life. In those parts, drinking a lot is an almost taken for granted corollary of fun, but perhaps because the consequences, at least those immediately perceptible, are not as annoying as those to which in the West we are accustomed.

One way or another, Sisun Lee owes to the remedies of his Korean friends the fame that precedes him today: that of the man who left Tesla to found the company for the hangover cure.

Between nanotechnology and grandmother's remedies

Sometimes, the return of things from the past can influence the future in completely unexpected ways. Of course, this story is yet another demonstration of how study is never useless: without the three years spent as a student of biotech engineering and nanotechnology, before turning to computer science, Sisun Lee would never have managed to turn his intuition into reality.

But it is from the traditional recipes of the Far East that everything takes shape: nowhere had the 26-year-old Korean-American tried remedies for the after-effects so effective (and so widespread) as those tried in Korea. And as if the story weren't already fictional enough, there's also a failure that has its place in the story: the vain attempt to import and distribute Korean beverages that have come to be so useful in the United States.

From here to the idea of becoming the producer himself, we are at the point where the process becomes even predictable, the step is short.

Morning Recovery: a natural cure

Dr. Jing Liang, a researcher in molecular and medical pharmacology at UCLA, is the link that connects the chain: it’s in his publications on medicinal remedies for the aftermath that Sisun Lee comes across the early stages of his personal research, and it is thanks to the collaboration with him that the experimentations that would lead to the birth of Morning Recovery are inaugurated.
A secret ingredient, Dihydromyrcetin, present in the raisin tree and in the "rattan" tea, produced by the leaves of the trees of the grossed Ampelopsis species, combined with elements such as vitamins B and C: the Morning Recovery formula has all the aura of mystery of a magic potion, but with the degree of reliability that only science is able to guarantee.

In the tests on his product Lee has invested the maximum of its efforts, trying first on himself and then progressively expanding the sample to circles of friends and friends of friends.
The feedback is almost unanimous: it works.

The role of facebook

To confirm the success of the cure against Lee's hangover, in the end, will be Facebook: on the most frequented social network in the world a Toronto venture capitalist will read about Morning Recovery, then sharing the idea on Product Hunt, a web platform dedicated to the launch of new products. And from the Facebook group created by Lee to manage the first (many) purchase requests will also come the first investors, which will lead him to leave work to devote himself completely to the start of the first real production line.

Moreover, it was with his former Facebook colleagues that the engineer left for the journey of inspiration: as in a film, just a little better.

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