Champions Train With Technogym: Morgan Lake

Ever since I was a child, I always knew without a shadow of a doubt that I would become an athlete. I know it might seem strange to say but when my mother was expecting me, my parents would fantasize saying: Oh yes, Morgan will most certainly become an athlete when she grows up! - So, it's definitely in my DNA. Not surprisingly, my earliest memories ever were when my brother and I would pay outside in the sun. And we literally tried every sport possible: netball, hockey, tennis, athletics. Every single one.”

Morgan Lake’s charming Berkshire accent softly rounds out her words, blending in a unique sense of determination with a touch of sweetness. Everything about this story has the makings of a fairy tale where sports has always been the driving protagonist in this young competitor’s life, even before she was born.

From across the channel and born in 1994, this world-class high jumper is one of the rising stars in athletics. With just a few simple phrases, she always manages to depict in an eloquent manner her journey as a young woman and aspiring top athlete. Reflecting on her individual path towards greatness Morgan states: “Growing up, in a training atmosphere, I think it is all about finding the right balance between curating the athlete in you and the person. I’m trying hard to find that  right mindset to make them cooperate better and live life to its fullest. For example, if you end up having a bad performance, it’s so important to know that it doesn’t need to ruin or consume your private life, your soul. Sometimes, one needs to step back, take everything in context and realize that there needs to be boundaries both on and off the track in order to better your complete persona and future success.”

And when that long journey towards excellence reaches summit heights, the sport begins to ask for more and more. Every athlete knows that to reach the top always requires moments of blood, sweat and tears. This old saying is something Morgan knows all too well, down to the finest details. “Training every day is undoubtedly the most difficult and challenging part of being an athlete. But, at the same time, it embodies the very meaning of a sport, because the harder you push yourself, the more sacrifice you endure, the simpler and more successful your races will be. It’s a direct, clear relationship. For example, when I start a cardio workout, I know that from the start it’s going to be a tough session. But it’s in that precise moment that requires me to give it everything I’ve got, right down to the last drop of energy I can muster.”

With a dream goal on the horizon, crossing that finish line - or rather in this specific case reaching unprecedented heights over a  long jump bar, is the definite motivating driver to maintain a constant level of commitment and dedication. This momentum that can magically shape and transform pure talent and athletic prowess into an inspirational mantra and how we define ourselves in our everyday lives and in the world: “My very first Olympic memory is linked to the 2004 Athens games. I was just seven years old, but I remember being so excited to watch my compatriot Kelly Holmes win two historic gold medals for Britain in the 800- and 1500-meters competitions. And I remember those exact moments during the races when she crossed the finish line. It was a vision of battled fatigue mixed with the ultimate in happiness. In a flash, I saw years of determination and physical training that had gone into a one single moment. It was breathtaking.

Not being afraid to aim high and reach for the stars can lead to the most unexpected, joyful and beautiful parable. Following her compatriot Holmes'  inspirational story, sometimes it’s easy to forget she only has to rely on personal experience. This decorated world class high jumper has been winning national titles for 12 yearscompeted in 17 championships at a global level, but Morgan's still just 23. With her breakout Olympic debut at the Rio in 2016, a more mature, stronger Lake has been pegged as the one to watch at the upcoming games in Tokyo this summer: “Rio 2016 was my first Olympics, and they were just so amazing. Just 19, I was really young and to be honest wasn’t even expected to qualify for the games. So just participating and landing in the final was mind blowing. Being surrounded by so many inspirational leaders both related to my sport and beyond was without a doubt one of lifetime experience. I cannot wait to relive those sensations and show everyone how hard I’ve worked and prepared to get there once again.
Morgan Lake, the young European high jump champion has clear goals: her battle to the top is thanks to an incredible journey of hard work, determination and strong mindset.  According to this athletic rising star, training is the most difficult yet crucial part of course towards greatness and the only means to achieve competitive victory and success.
Morgan’s conditioning sessions are a winning mix of explosive power, fatigue and energy achieved through Technogym’s fitness equipment, particularly Skillrun.

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Increase your explosiveness and acceleration: to train power, a central element to Morgan Lake’s athletic preparation, Skillrun is equipped with a Sled Training mode that reproduces in detail the sensation of pushing a sled in the grass, including inertia.

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