Build well to live well: Marco Piva on home design with Technogym

Technogym Guest Archistar Marco Piva on Home Design: Wellness first to create spaces that are as dynamic and fluid.

Dynamic, fluid, functional. This is the language that distinguishes Archistar and award-winning designer Marco Piva’s architectural creations, interior design and product design. As a long-term partner, Technogym got the exclusive opportunity to discuss with the renowned Designer at the Technogym Milan Flagship boutique, his views on Wellness Design and the shared concept that to Build Well really means to Live Well.
Due to recent events, we have all understood that there needs to be change and focus toward the approach to Home Design and that Architecture first needs to create conditions for a dynamic way to approach personal space that focuses on Wellness as an integral part. As one of the most international Milanese designers around, Marco Piva’s innate curiosity about providing the best experience in home design and his global personal insights into trends has some clear thoughts about the future of home design and space with Wellness at the forefront.

What is your redefinition towards the concept of Wellness Design?

Design must be human. Wellness is a basic element in creating a home,  we can’t think about designing without focusing on wellness for those who live inside. Objects in spaces need to top supreme quality but with a dynamic alive nature.

Technogym is a direct witness towards this focus and attention on style, quality, materials with all of its products and home design providing the most cutting-edge innovative elements. This is why it's important to always be in touch from the Designers point of view when they design spaces with Wellness in mind.

Tell us about your creative design approach and how Wellness fits into it all?

We have to start from the inside out. So, whether it is in the home, office, common areas, in a  building or in a Gym: the space needs to be thought of first and foremost for Wellness. This means more green,  proper lighting. It has to be a place where people can ultimately relax, enjoy physical activity, or simply exercise. Wellness is an integral part of daily life, the differentiation in the design process is to concentrate on how to live well.

As creative architects, Wellness becomes one of the first basic elements when designing. Mixing the science and engineering with the Human side.

Is digital a priority for you in Wellness Design?

Technology is a way to smart govern and BETTER spaces. Creating Gyms and Wellness areas that are ‘smart’ is an integral part to enrich the Feel Good, Health first experience through materials objects and surrounding areas.

Parallel values that are at the core for Technogym. This is also thanks to placing priority on how digital innovation remains a top focus with Technogym’s products to the cloud from an ecosystem perspective and recently launched Technogym Live platform and its on demand training content and personalized training options.

What does Wellness Design hold for the future?

Since the origins of time Wellness has historically always been something people have wanted in their dwellings. Today it has become a priority and a target for the future to deeply enjoy and train within the home and surrounding train and surrounds in a more relaxed healthy way. This doesn’t mean because we are stuck at home, but rather that we have evolved in our pursuit to enjoy every moment during the day, and that Wellness is part of this dynamic process.

Technogym’s Design Talks in honor of Design Week Milano is a three-episode design webinar series with Archistar Guest Creatives and their insights on Wellness Design.

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