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The moment of the goal for Marcello Iaia, fitness coach of Inter Milan

by Gabriele Ferraresi
Years and years of work, days of sweating, running, training. Those who follow football often forget it, but to shape the successes of champions and great teams there are also the athletic trainers. They manage the journey between "dry" training and with the ball, between fitness centres and then recovery from injuries. Marcello Iaia is a fitness coach at Inter and has been working at the highest levels in his sector for some time now.

Today in Milan on the Nerazzurri shore, in the past he was part of the Roma athletic staff of Spalletti and Sir Alex Ferguson's Manchester United, with whom he won three Premiers and a Champions League.

Marcello Iaia: the role of the athletic trainer

A job, that of trainer, which takes place every day alongside the coach. What changes depending on the coach? "A few things change, that's normal. Depending on the football values and the coach's playing philosophy, this results in the training methodology and therefore also in the preparation". The philosophy of Inter? A proactive game, which attacks the opponents until the last minutes of the game, until the final whistle.
The goal is an exciting moment for the staff because it represents the finalisation of a course of work that is prepared daily, and he adds, first of all the staff is happy for the player who scored, then of course there is also a feeling of satisfaction and gratification-action that helps to consolidate the unity of intent of the group.

The unforgettable moment of Marcello Iaia

Among the many of his extraordinary career, Marcello Iaia has no doubts: "There are several. But for the sake of being at home at Inter, certainly the last match of the last championship against Lazio, for the historical moment and for the way in which the victory arrived that earned the qualification in the Champions League". It was 20 May 2018. Final result: Lazio 2 - Inter 3.

A crazy match, at the Olimpico, where only the final collapse of Lazio and Inter's belief in it to the end gave the Nerazzurri a return to the Champions League after 6 years of absence.

What is your best memory in your career so far?
I've worked and worked with great athletes and prestigious clubs, and it's certainly a great satisfaction, and I also have a lot of good memories. I remember with pleasure an experience I had with Nemanja Vidic at the time of United: I thank him for letting me spend my month on holiday working with him in Mallorca.

Technogym and Inter: 20 years together

Technogym and Inter have recently celebrated a special anniversary: for 20 years, in fact, the Nerazzurra team has relied on Technogym's long experience in the world of sport to ensure adequate technical and scientific support for the athletic training of its players. In modern football, players are increasingly prone to injuries and it is therefore important to have a cutting-edge athletic training.
Football is an intermittent, high-intensity sport that requires a high level of aerobic fitness as well as optimal anaerobic capabilities. During a football game, the typical distance covered by a high-level player varies on average from 10 to 13 km, most of which can be covered at low intensity. In addition to a purely basic aerobic activity, there are also high-intensity actions, characterized by accelerations, sprints, changes of direction, jumps, lateral steps, plating and specific technical movements.
These actions, besides being the most interesting moments in a football match, are sometimes also the most decisive. Obviously, each player has his or her own player profile determined by individual genetic skills and the specific requirements of the role played. Therefore, it is important that athletic trainers and coaches have access to objective data on the physical state of the athlete during the season; this, in addition to talent selection and training purposes, can also be used as feedback and motivating factor for the players. In this respect, physical evaluation tests are indispensable to obtain detailed information before and during the competitive period.
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