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About love and other apps

How have social networks revolutionised our loving relationships? How could we find a soul mate when the most advanced technology was a disc phone? Here's what we can no longer do without to fall in love and fall in love and, to live and experience, in short, the only feeling that can make us feel better, with or without a connection.
Do you remember when the only two technological tools useful for a loving relationship were an intercom and a disc phone?
You don't, right? Perhaps you may not even remember messages that didn’t appear with the comforting blue ticks telling us that our loved ones had received and read our messages. Momentary times, evanescent memories.
Social networks have revolutionised our sentimental lives, they have made us feel new feelings that we didn't even think existed in nature.

The mortification of a message displayed and unanswered on Whatsapp is a brand new feeling that has a nuance of its own. Not to mention, the sense of abandonment, loneliness and isolation that a person feels when they post a photo and don’t receive a single like.

To check how much relationships have changed because of social networking, just check the terms created specifically to define the relationships that take place online. Take for example sexting. A type of sexual exchange that takes place over instant messaging platforms. The potential dangers of this type of communication are clear. The parents of millennials would never have been able to send photos like that and children should be educated on how to protect themselves.
Social networks are sometimes used to give people a confident boost. Online we can sell ourselves as sociable, safe, open and interested people. We can be free to lead different lives, far from the actual reality Social networks also give us tendencies to become the entertainers of our followers, as if leading a show perfected by a dotted shape, based on carefully chosen photos that ensure to reflect only the very best aspects of our lives. It is a terribly tiring thing, and it may undermine the beginning of a relationship. In short, as long as you chat each one from your sofa all is ok. But when you have to go out and see yourself, things can change.
In fact, we have always done it, but before we couldn’t hide behind a screen, and it was much more difficult. Talking about yourself for hours, trying to be interesting, unravelling all the salient facts of our lives hoping to be as exciting as the sixth season of Game of Thrones. There are now additional initial steps. These are social networks.
Virtual places can seem endless, thanks to new tools such as dating apps that allow you to find your closest soul mate (enter radius from your location, select an age group and see if you can bring someone home), it’s easy to see how the chances of finding someone become greater.
So what happens next? Often, when the relationship starts, we display it for everyone to see online.
And online, the public and the private sector are confused. Putting a story under general scrutiny is not healthy. But it can feel like we need confirmation. We need to document all the steps in our lives.

Digital technology plays a very important role in the construction, maintenance and end of a love.
The era of simply calling someone is over.

Because a message is sent forever.

Social networks can help relationships blossom, but at the same time they can irreparably ruin them. Sometimes we can see a pair at the beginning with all the hashtags, couple photos and newly updated sentimental status, which consequently means that their relationship is no longer a private matter.
Finished relationships with exes have also changed. We see them in timelines, if they are no longer our friends, then they are still friends with our other friends and it feels like they are always there, present. Even if your privacy restrictions are strict, you can't do anything about it, at some point you'll find your ex in front of you. It's another kind of pain that did not exist before online social networks. And it wasn’t that long ago. There are several generations who compare themselves with social today, born in the 80's, still has fresh memories of waiting for a phone call in front of a real phone, and compared to digital natives it has as a short circuit with past experiences.
So how were things done before? And how should we do it now? Meanwhile, we continue to refine the initial technique. Think about the bit where it's all beautiful and still has to happen. First of all: choose the photos to put on your profile, you have to organise them well. You don't find yourself with unprepared facebook or instagram tiles.
And apart from the perfect assortment of photos using the right filters, what is it that is needed to come right in these five photos? Your face, and if you have courage, your body.
You must be in shape. It's the social expectation of the internet that asks you for it.
For singles
If you are single, you have to be fitter than others are.
It's relentless, you leave the office after seven hours and then you also have to find your soul mate, which becomes another job in itself.
"The Selfie and taking care of your appearance" could be the title of a manual of self-help guide, especially to ensure you are prepared to meet your soul mate. To do this well you have to take care of yourself. To do it even better you can recreate the best version of you. Instagram is the right place. Follow the #bodygoal hashtag, used by celebrities such as Britney Spears, and these posts will make you want to sign up in the gym to post your own improvements and apps in apps, monitor all your vital functions, what you eat, how much, and all the sport you do.
Why don't you try Runkeeper?
Physical activity, for sure.
How much do you like?

Enter gender, age, weight and start moving.
The app records your activities and times, you can customize your profile with a photo and status ad hoc and you can add friends. Then there is a section called challenges, where you can organise a group race and challenge your acquaintances, or take part in the challenges already underway, such as a 5-10 kilometre marathons.
The wellness apps are almost endless (the Technogym one also sends you the summary email at the weekend), so there's no excuse not to keep on improving yourself. You might even find the love of your life by comparing the miles you raced on the treadmill or the weights you've managed to pull up. Everything could start with a small comment.
You've recorded the km you've raced and your speed, someone congratulates you, find out that that person's profile photo is actually quite nice.

You must be consistent, commit yourself. And if you don't find the right person, that person will be you.
You will work better. You will be the healthiest and best version of yourself.
Being ready to fall in love is hard.
You must be in shape, ready for everything, tireless and concentrated.

We've always been sexual creatures, but now we're equipped with a smartphone and an internet connection

That's why we are looking for ways to find someone. Both online and offline.

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