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Home, bike and passion: Letizia Paternoster trains with Technogym

The first time I rode a bike I was 5 years old. I tried every possible discipline on two wheels, from mountain bike to pump track, but track and road remain my two great loves and, between the two of them, I would never know which one to choose; I simply try to divide myself between them, with the right balance. LETIZIA PATERNOSTER
As soon as she gets to the Technogym Village, Letizia Paternoster becomes radiant. Being a Wellness Ambassador for Technogym is not for everyone, especially for someone of her age. The 19-year-old professional cyclist demonstrates a passion for the sport she has excelled in since she was a child.  Her career is already marked by many successes, both on track and on the road.  At the youth level, Letizia already won 9 world championships and 5 European championships, 25 gold medals, world and European. Victory for a champion of her caliber counts a lot, yet always with a smile on her face.
The ease of her look with which she faces life both professionally and privately leads her story, almost making things seemingly simple, although this is far from the truth. Cycling, like life in general, is made of hard work, highs and lows, as well as of a lot of training to constantly improve.  During her visit to the Technogym Village, Letizia Paternoster tested the quality of the Technogym equipment and told us why indoor training in cycling is so important for her.
Among other things, she explained that being able to work on a stationary bike like Skillbike helps in making the most of those months when the weather conditions do not make it easy to train outdoor, thanks to its ability to faithfully reproduce both indoor tracks and outdoor training methods.

Indoor training for cycling: gym, smart trainer and stationary bike

Indoor training is very important for Letizia Paternoster and for cycling, especially in winter when the climate is more adverse. Furthermore, indoor training is even more effective as the cyclist deals more with fatigue.
When I have the chance, I train indoors - Letizia explains.  If I don't do a lot of gym, I tend to train in my own home. It's very useful to train first in the gym, maybe in the morning, and then out on the bike. Squats, lunges, jumps, abdominals, stability machines and leg presses are the most important tools used to develop these skills.

There are many athletes who do a good part of their indoor training on turbo trainers or stationary bikes, even if outside the weather conditions are favorable, with the main aim of 'stressing' more the ability to bear fatigue, seek better concentration and carry out the routine with better precision.

Like many other cycling champions, Letizia Paternoster also trains with the Technogym equipment for indoor champion training. During the visit, Letizia had the opportunity to try Skillbike and appreciate its reliability in imitating outdoor cycling.

This is also thanks to the Skillbike riding design, which replicates the biomechanics of sports bikes. The frame and handlebar are designed to offer different positions of exercise: road bike, time trial and mountain bike.

Train indoor as outdoor with Skillbike

Skillbike is the revolutionary stationary bike created in collaboration with cycling champions that allows both professionals and enthusiasts to experience the excitement and challenge of outdoor cycling in an indoor environment.

Among the many training opportunities, Skillbike offers targeted routines and routes suitable to your goals and allows to assess the power at the threshold to define the level of training most suited to the physical status of the user. Once the level of training is tested, you can select programs based on the specificity of the track, train a skill or set a goal.

With Skillbike you can train uphill: simply select from the Skillbike console one of the available uphill workouts, the duration and slope to make the most of the Real Gear Shift system, which allows you to reproduce the dynamics of pedaling uphill. By changing gears, the user can respond to the change in resistance and maintain the correct power and cadence to ensure maximum efficiency.

Brief history of Letizia Paternoster

Born in Cles, Trentino, the region that gave birth to world champions such as Maurizio Fondriest and Francesco Moser, Letizia has been passionate about cycling her very first time on a bike at the age of 3 when she found her natural sporting element.

Her seemingly innate passion for the two wheels has driven Letizia to excel in Italy and in the world at the youth level in all major disciplines, thanks to constant dedication and training, both on track and on the road.

Letizia's parents didn't push her too hard to cycle. On the contrary, at the beginning they discussed a lot about her cycling.

My mom wanted to make me dance, my dad did not approve of cycling because of the continuous transfers, car trips etc. So, he proposed to find me a small team in the village, I know, football, volleyball. My mother, on the other hand, did not, she insisted on dancing. She also tried to make me do a dance training: as soon as I saw the tutu I started crying and I ran back to the car. At that point I was satisfied, and we went to Maurizio Fondriest's shop in the village, which is a friend of my father. When I saw all the bicycles, a world opened for me.

Letizia Paternoster's incredible passion for cycling makes her cycle in velodromes or on the road: now she can't feel a pure track cyclist or a cyclist on the road. If I must look at the period of road and track races - she explains – today I dedicate the same number of months. If we look at last year (2018), I had so many achievements on the track with few road races, only 6. It was my first year in the elite, and already there I won a stage race and another road race, a few achievements that went very well, however I always dedicated myself to both.  

I like Federica Pellegrini a lot for the way she poses. My favourite rider is Peter Sagan, he's a great fighter but always in control, no matter what he does.

Letizia Paternoster's main sources of inspiration are real champions, also not related to her discipline.  I like Federica Pellegrini a lot for the way she poses. My favourite cyclist is Peter Sagan, both for his character and for the way he does it: he is a great fighter but always in control, whatever he does. Letizia Paternoster likes the new dimension of road cycling very much, and she is very passionate about it, and believes that in the future it is possible to carry on both. The right path will be the one that from today will give me more and more.

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