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Lando Norris visits Technogym Milan and trains with Skillbike

Lando Norris: concentrated, positive and with his head straight on his shoulders. The visit of the  young McLaren driver at Technogym Milano - the fitness boutique in Via Durini where you can discover and buy Technogym products – is with a smile on his face.
Detail of Skillbike with feet on the pedals
Lando Norris was born in Bristol in 1999 and made his debut in 2019 at the age of 19 in Formula 1 with McLaren, a team for which Technogym has been an Official Fitness Partner since 2004. Despite his young age, he already has a long career that began in karting at the age of 9. In 2014 he made his debut in racing and immediately became champion of different categories between 2016 and 2017. Scouted by McLaren, he then became a test driver in 2017 and then an official driver in 2019, the youngest British driver ever to drive a Formula 1 car.

Lando Norris and the special race on Skillbike

Lando took part in a special race at the Brianza track on Skillbike. The program was a replica on the big screen of the ups and downs in the middle of the green park that the riders completed during the 65 laps of the Italian Grand Prix, won by Charles Leclerc at the end of an exciting race, a talent like Lando,  predestined for success in Formula 1.
Unlike what happened in the past, for Lando it is essential to be physically prepared to excel in a complex discipline like modern Formula 1 that allows (almost) no mistakes. The cardio training and the stabilisation of the core muscles, as well as a good physical condition, he explains, are essential to make the most of a physical discipline like F1.

Technogym has developed a unique equipment, located in the McLaren Fitness and Wellbeing Centre known as the F1 Trainer. The equipment reproduces the driving position and, in combination with a steering load system and additional equipment, develops the core areas of the upper body.

Training the lower body

Training of the lower part of the body - the legs in particular - is essential to respond to the stresses of the track. We must continuously press the brake pedal - explains Lando. Obviously, it depends on the length of the track and the number of bends. Normally, 10 to 15 times per track per lap and when braking, we must add on average double to triple the weight because of the G Force that intervenes in deceleration.

For example, in the First Variant of the Monza track, the force that intervenes is -5.8 g, in which the driver adds on himself a weight force of almost six times greater than that when stationary.

Lando Norris during the race on Skillbike in Durini Milan
Lando is at his debut season in F1, notoriously complex for a driver, achieving a remarkable performance for a nearly twenty-year-old at his debut. I think there are a lot of things that I still have to improve and that maybe we didn't expect, says Nando. Overall, I think it's a good year, with some good qualifying and some good races. It has been a year of ups and downs, but considering that it is my first year only, I consider it a good one.

There's no question that training for a driver is something important, especially because of the continuous stresses subjected to the body when in the cockpit. And Lando doesn't hesitate to confirm this.

Lando Norris trains on Skillbike
Formula 1 is a very physical sport, much of the body is stressed, especially the neck. The transition from  what I did last year for Formula 2 to the races in Formula 1 is certainly remarkable: I must train more, especially in winter, when we do not run on the track.

One of the main reasons for indoor training is given by the harsh winter weather conditions. It's too cold to go outside to train so indoor training is something you need to do more. Being in shape for the coming season is essential to get results straight away.

""With Skillbike I can compare my previous best time with the current one, trying to improve my performance on the bike and become a better athlete".

Normally I ride my bike or use the rower. I go where I think I can have more fun. I usually ride my bike outdoors during the season and indoors in winter, that's what we'd like to do the most.

Not only outdoor, but also indoor training is essential to train those areas that are most stressed by fast driving. Since I am not able to do many tests during the year before or to be in the car and being too cold to go out on a bike, especially in England, I started to do a lot of indoor training, running, rowing or cycling to get in shape for the coming season. To be ready for the first tests of the year helps in avoiding struggling with the body, especially at the beginning.

Lando likes Skillbike, also for its competitive aspect with himself or with others when in Race or Class mode. It's a lot of fun, he explains. With Skillbike I can compare my previous best time with the current one and try to improve my performance on the bike and become a better athlete. It's what we try to do as Formula 1 drivers, be better, faster, and it's one of the best equipment to do it.

There are many similarities between the McLaren car and Skillbike, Lando finds them in their physicality of riding, very similar to pedaling. On the bike as in a car, you can feel the physical attributes, as well as the gears.

Fun and competitive: some secrets of Skillbike success.
Trained cores and necks are essential for a good performance in the car. But even the legs are fundamental: Technogym offers numerous specific, advanced and effective equipment for this type of muscle group.

The importance of legs training for a pilot

The preparation of the legs is very important in Formula 1. We must press the brake pedal. Obviously, it depends on the length of the track and the number of curves. Normally, 10 to 15 times per track per lap. And we must add three times as much as twice our weight. My body weight is about 65/66 kilos and I must press the brake pedal with about 150 kilos of force, which is very much for a small one like me.
Lando Norris scopre Kinesis Personal in Technogym Milano
Lately, Lando Norris has had the opportunity to meet a driver who has always been his idol, Valentino Rossi and It has been for him a unique experience.  As a child I really liked watching motorcycles, plus I had a bike at home - he explains. But above all I was a big fan of Valentino. A couple of weeks ago I went to the Silverstone MotoGP Grand Prix and met him for the first time.  That's very cool for someone like me, a guy who's in Formula 1 at the highest level and especially because he was my hero and he confirmed to be the guy I've always imagined he would be.

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