Sports nutrition: Korean cuisine

On occasion of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, we have a new column dedicated to one of the most healthy and tasty international cuisines; Korean. Korean cuisine is the result of history, culture and nature. Among the main ingredients are rice, vegetables and meat that complete the diet for every athlete. Making the most of exercise in terms of performance and general mental and physical well-being is possible when eating properly. Let's discover how to vary our diet, taking inspiration from the world's kitchens.

Physical activity and food intake are both specific and mutually interacting behaviors capable of encouraging a person's good health.

Introduction to Korean cuisine

After Indian, Thai, Chinese and Rising Sun, the spotlight of international taste is now all on Korean cuisine. The result of an ancestral culture, which is rooted in the land and in the rigorous seasonality of its products, it stands out over other Asian gastronomy for the extensive and wise use of cereals and vegetables and for its healthy and even curative properties. This includes the antibiotic power of garlic and the immunizing properties of fermented foods, which mostly have a modest calorie contribution that characterizes most dishes. It also boasts a range of spices and condiments with a very strong taste, which makes it an invigorating to which it is difficult to be indifferent: the spicy Gochujang - the ubiquitous chilli pepper paste - the pungent freshness of the ginger, the flavuor of fish sauce derived from fermented anchovies, the balsamic sweetness of onions. Noodles of sweet potato, rice, beef, chicken and algae complete a simple but very versatile recipe book that will convince you to set aside, at least for a while, sushi, pad thai and lacquered duck.
Let's start with a very popular dish, to try during the Games which we bet you’ll be trying again soon!
A Korean national dish, appreciated all over the world by gourmands and health-fanatics, Kimchi is a preparation based on Chinese cabbage that combines an unmistakable aromatic bouquet with exceptional nutritional properties, which make it a true superfood.
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This time we are talking about a classic of Korean tradition, the glass noodles. Make sure you have your soy sauce to hand!
Eyes from around the world are focused on Pyeongchang games. What better opportunity to discover more about Asian cuisine?
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The result of the fusion between American and Asian culture, it can be recreated using a standard home frying pan which is very fast and just as successful.
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