Champions Train With Technogym: Kent Farrington

Born and raised in Chicago, my very first memory in sports was watching Michael Jordan play during the Bulls golden era. A fierce inspiration to all, his unique and dynamic mentality just mesmerized me. While my oldest Olympic memory was the American 1996 Atlanta Games. My eyes were glued to that TV screen and continual coverage, watching them non-stop, 24/7.”
So, if you are native to Chicago, it's a known fact that  basketball is an obligatory rite of passage growing up there. Even Olympic Show Jumper Kent Farrington, who eventually found a completely different athletic path, was drawn to his city’s love-affair with the beauty of that wedged ball and dominated by world class elite players.

But this top athlete, born 1980 and spellbound by the1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, ended up falling in love with an entirely different sport. “It was the only one that could merge two of my greatest childhood interests. I was drawn to horse riding because it combined my love for animals and sports, all in one single event. The absolute perfect mix of my greatest passions, it was also in part the beauty of the equestrian world that hangs in the balance of details. In our sport, the smallest details make the difference between finishing first or finishing last.

Equestrian show jumping is a sport of excellence, meticulously focused on elements, where glory or failure hangs in a delicate balance of the small attention towards detail. Kent’s ongoing relentless focus on his mental preparation remains key to successfully reaching the top. Bad days are par for course that top notch athletes take on, but its one’s ability to draw on the difficulties and challenges that determines who reaches the top. “I want the best of all. Always. Even if it appears to be just a dream,  it’s also a very real long-term goal of mine. Of course, one can’t underestimate  and simplify the long-beaten path towards achieving greatness. It is an extraordinarily complex process requiring complete dedication, hard work and maximum precision towards details. And it’s definitely not always a straight line to the top. All great athletes have doubts now and again during their journey. But it’s those doubts that push you to work even harder and not accept failure as an option.” Losing is simply never an option.
This American’s mindset is crystal clear, linear and has no gray areas. His inspiring belief in himself with innate conviction sets him apart in an elite panorama of world class Olympic athletes. Decorated with an Olympic silver medal at the Rio 2016 Olympics has been a pinnacle in his exciting career but his natural ambition will surely take him further as there are high expectations set for the upcoming games. “The Olympics are upon us and for me an everlasting and long-standing dream of mine. I think they mean so much to all of us because they represent so much more than just an individual event. They are bigger than any one sport, attracting the best in the world from every point of view in a global moment of competitive unity and greatness. Winning an Olympic medal and holding it in your hand is an almost indescribable mixed feeling of satisfaction, relief and pride in knowing all that hard work you dedicated has paid off.
Kent Farrington is world renowned for being one of the world’s best equestrian obstacle jumpers with an Olympic silver medal at the Rio de Janeiro games to prove it. His great victories are a result of his phenomenal determination and hard work paired with his personal mental and physical preparation that focuses on the smallest of details, transforming fatigue and sacrifice into power, vitality and energy.
Kent Farrington trains daily with Kinesis Personal.

Discover Kinesis Personal

Kinesis Personal is the complete functional gym for the home that allows you to perform more than 200 exercises without any adjustments training strength, flexibility, coordination and balance.
This innovative piece of furniture design offers a multi-facet design  and many ways to train:  the FullGravity™ Technology system curtails both individual muscles and entire muscle groups with composite movements that activate kinetic chains on three planes.  Compact and comfortable: each arm has three rotating pulleys to ensure a silent cable sliding during one’s exercise routine. The convenient magnetic handle can be attached to the arm pulleys. You can also easily change the resistance levels from 0 to 20 by simply turning the digital dial. Selecting a specific workout has never been so stylish.
Created to amaze, the beauty of Kinesis Personal shines in the most refined environments. All the materials from the handles to the soft touch digital display are designed to be extremely pleasing to the touch.
Equestrian riding requires training core muscles, essential for stability while ensuring greater control over the horse. This is why Kinesis Personal provides the perfect solution to perform and mimics real life three-dimensional movements in the most fluid and comfortable way possible.

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