Champions Train With Technogym: Kazuyasu Minobe

“Fencing is a unique sport. It’s so different from all the others. To translate all that practice and training into battling one competitive match against an opponent requires great attention to detail. During every single session, I am always focused on my body’s sensations. I carefully listen to my physical voice in order to define the course of every single gesture and movement. My body speaks to me. And this personal dialogue is the basis of my mindset.”

The Zen calm of Kazuyasu Minobe can mesmerize an entire room of spectators with such tranquility and captures every person present transporting them into a parallel and ancient world where the physical body has a voice and one’s conscience breathes. Born in 1987, this Japanese talent has an innate ability to project a strong will and vision with such featherlike lightness.

One of his first childhood memories was running up and down Japanese mountains in order to vent all that bottled up energy he felt was beating deep from within. But thanks to his father’s suggestion and intuition, Minobe went from running up mountains and  his first tatami mat to a winning podium. “When I was a kid, I started off with karate. I remember in primary school they were distributing these flyers to sign up. And I didn’t need to be told twice. I was that kid that was always on the move, never standing still. I grew up in Echizen, a city in the Fukui region completely surrounded by greenery and mountains. So, I would spend my days running up and down the trails. But then one day, my father insisted I try fencing and I fell instantly in love with it. From that moment on, I haven’t been able to think of anything else."

This fixated thought has become an integral part of Minobe’s life and soul, embracing fencing as an extended expression of his persona that delves deep into a relationship between body, mind and soul, making him one with the sport. “Fencing is a journey, an expedition, a destination. The persona and the athlete that live within are perfectly in sync. They are the same thing, sharing the same path and destiny. But the results, whether it’s a victory or defeat, doesn’t define me. Sport is my highest form of personal expression and always brings to light what I am really feeling on the inside. The more I master fencing, the more I master Kazuyasu Minobe the person.”
The objective of Japanese fencer Kazuyasu Minobe, winner of 2 World Championship Men’s Épée titles, is clear. Transforming his daily training into a real battle scenario is key in order for him to come out on top and beat his opponents during the competitions.
This, together with a dedicated athletic preparation programmed down to the finest details, helps him laser focus on the sensations of his body and control every movement and gesture accordingly.
For his daily workouts, Kazuyasu Minobe chooses Kinesis One.

Discover Kinesis One

Kinesis One offers all the full advantages of the Kinesis line but packaged as a freestanding module, with a lower price point, limited footprint and hidden-from-view weight packs. Thanks to the resistance developed across three levels of movement, it is also the ideal solution for functional rehabilitation and personal training.
Create a truly engaging functional space: This space-saving tool can be optimally positioned in all training spaces. Kinesis One also encourages you to explore a wide range of natural movements that improve everyday functional skills.
Thanks to the double weight stack, each cable controls a single independent resistance level. This allows you to effectively perform all movements, including alternating and reciprocating, according to the appropriate load for each side and training goal.
Kinesis One represents the perfect solution to experience maximum  360° freedom and to train at the same time stabilityflexibility and posture, simulating technical gestures of a sport like fencing that involves particularly strong and precise movements.

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