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Janis Danner and Technogym Bike training: a perfect start of the day

Janis Danner is one of the most popular German fitness and lifestyle influencers. A determined, ambitious and down-to-earth guy who wants to offer his followers a platform that can inspire ambition, determination and a positive attitude towards life. Although he doesn't consider himself a professional trainer, he talks about his work and his Instagram channel, as well as its contents, a fairly accurate reflection of his lifestyle.

His passion for sport and then for fitness started very early, around the age of eight. At the age of 14 he then had the chance to attend the same sports school of talents like Marvin Plattenhardt, İlkay Gündoğan and many others who today play in the Bundesliga, the first German football league.

Sport has therefore always been part of his life since childhood. He trains every day with great intensity, with just a few breaks and always challenging his own limits. His day starts early in the morning with an indoor cycling session on Technogym Bike, the latest innovation from Technogym.

With Technogym Bike you can train at the highest level, comfortably from home. It's not just a training session, but a real experience that motivates and allows you to have fun with the different trainers, together with a riding community.

At home, at the hotel, at the gym or from the office, Technogym Bike offers the most engaging indoor cycling classes of trainers, live or on demand, from fitness studios in different cities around the world. From the Technogym Bike console you can choose your favourite channel, based on the trainer, music, duration, and participate in live classes or select them from the extensive on-demand library.

How often and how do you train with Technogym Bike?

I start almost every morning with 25 minutes of high intensity and power training, called races, and then I usually combine it with an abdominal workout to burn more fat. Although you're at home, you have live classes with a trainer who encourages and motivates you. I always choose a female trainer for the more relaxed atmosphere they can create during classes. I also recommend the outdoor courses, where you will be transported into the Yosemite National Park or the French and Italian Alps and many other beautiful places.

Technogym Bike is often the centre of attention when I have friends and family at home. Everyone is excited about it and wants to try it.

Technogym Bike is a professional quality product and the result of Technogym's thirty years of experience, present today in 80 thousand fitness centres in 100 countries around the world. Biomechanics is developed by the Technogym Research Centre which has been collaborating for years with the best universities and sports champions from all over the world. Technogym Bike is the first product of the Technogym Live platform, born from the "Wellness on the go" strategy that has guided the development of a seamless and integrated digital ecosystem made up of smart equipment, mywellness cloud and applications. Now present in 15 thousand fitness and wellness centres around the world, it offers millions of people a personalized training experience in every place and every moment: in the gym, at home, at work or on the go .

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