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How to choose the most suitable sportswatch

The sportswatch - as well as the fitness bracelet and wearables in general - has become an almost indispensable accessory for every sportsperson. For some years now we have been used to monitoring and keeping track of our training and performance. The benefits of this habit are indisputable and concern not only a sport but also health. Think of the possibility to trace an electrocardiogram and analyze its characteristics through the smartphone.
The operating system mounted on these watches (which are real wrist computers), among other things, also detects irregular heart rates and - in some parts of the world, for example in the United States - can send the trace to a reference cardiologist. And if it is true that wearing a device that can track our vital parameters does not make us doctors, it is certainly true that these devices allow you to get to know yourself and your physique better and to optimize your workouts. In short, to make each of us a better sportsperson and a healthier person.
For example, the habit of monitoring your heart rate during a training session on a bike or treadmill teaches us to listen to our body, set goals and see if we are getting better. Never has constancy been so rewarding as in training!

Data always available

For those who then use mobile applications such as mywellness, thanks to the automatic workout detection mode, there is the possibility to track sessions both in the gym and indoors and analyze the results. Therefore, you have a complete overview of your physical status at any time (and from any synchronized device). In practice, a perfect synthesis between the physical world, the virtual community, and personal training.

For professional athletes, the sportswatch and mobile app mywellness even becomes a tool for building and sharing a progress history to discuss with their coaches and athletic trainers and based on which to optimize training sessions. This triggers a virtuous circle that has in the monitoring of vital parameters one of its strengths.

How to choose the right sportswatch

As outlined already, sportswatch is a very useful tool for training. Heart rate, steps, and calories burned are just some of the main features analyzed by these devices, while with the most advanced devices you can also track the quantity and quality of sleep, to record the routes taken by analyzing values such as altitude, speed and distance thanks to GPS.

But how to choose the right device? The possibilities on the market are many and can meet different needs. In general, the criteria to be considered before purchasing are different. The display, first of all, must be high-resolution and have good brightness, so that it can be viewed effortlessly in all lighting conditions.
The sensors are also essential, as they must measure the parameters as accurately as possible. Values such as heartbeat, distance covered, calories burned to allow you to control the progress of the exercise in progress, or more trivially to follow training courses designed to improve your physical performance.
Waterproofing is not a criterion for selection just because it is a specification that is difficult to give up. At most, the choice of the sportswatch model can be evaluated considering the type of IP certification (the abbreviation corresponds to International Protection and classifies the degrees of protection provided against the intrusion of solids, dust, liquids, and accidental contact) present.

Finally, the autonomy of the device must be considered: battery management, also because of its small size, has always been a crucial element. But good autonomy is what separates a valid sportswatch from a device not to be bought under any circumstances.

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