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The must-have tools in your home during holidays

The holiday season is just around the corner and fortunately, you don’t have to take a break from your workouts, as you can score all the equipment you need to train on any budget. Here are six items to include in your other home gym and suggested ways to use them.

Exercise Mat

A smart idea for any home gym, as it’s inexpensive, easy to store and can cushion your joints and spine during exercise. It can also add some traction for standing moves. The thick foam and anti-slip surface make the Exercise Mat a convenient tool to perform both stretching and strength exercises safely and comfortably on the floor, without it shifting, folding or moving during exercise.

Wellness Ball

The Wellness Ball is another easy-to-store item (you can deflate it or even use it as a chair) and it’s perfect for a multitude of bodyweight stability moves. Even sitting on the ball challenges your core, because you need to contract your abdominal muscles to keep yourself still.
Try Seated Dead-Bugs for a simple, total-body stability exercise: Sit on the ball with feet flat on the floor, and contract your abs. Next, lift your left foot six inches from the floor and raise your right arm overhead. Lower both and repeat with the other side. That’s one rep. Continue for ten to 20 total reps—all while making sure to keep the ball and the rest of your body still.

Jump Rope

Cardio exercise can be portable if you head outside for a run, but skipping rope can be a fun addition to your in-home routine. Try jumping on one foot, for example, before switching to the other, and then jump side to side as you swing the jump rope. Moves such as these help hone your agility skills, to improve your reaction time and speed.

Power Bands

Resistance bands are a classic home-gym tool, as you can roll them up and store them anywhere, and work just about every muscle. The resistance is often up to you—depending on how hard you pull—but these bands have weight options ranging from 15 to 140 lbs.
One banded favorite is the Monster Walk: Slip a band around your thighs and step your feet apart until you just feel resistance. Next, sit your hips back and perform a squat, and then holding that position, take ten side steps to the right. Pause and repeat to the left. Perform three sets per side.

Unica and Myrun

If you can swing it, an all-in-one universal system brings the gym to your house. Unica allows you to customize your desired color configuration, to match your décor, and offers more than 25 exercises you can perform, simply by adjusting the weight. It’s also compact, taking less than six feet of floor space.
A treadmill offers an incredible way to work your cardiovascular fitness while keeping your mind occupied. Myrun is ‘smart,’ and offers customized training programs that sync with your tablet. The belt also offers a safer surface than you’d find on the pavement: It’s engineered to absorb impact to protect your joints while remaining firm enough to not affect your power. Try adjusting your incline and speed at select intervals, for a high-intensity cardio workout.

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